Tuesday, 16 July 2013

In the summertime, when the weather is high ...

Phew! Isn't this weather fabulous? Makes you want to leap out of bed and face the day ...

This past week, I've been spending a lot of time at the beach ... I've been taking the children I mind in the mornings before school (strictly no rock pools at that time of day, don't want them shedding sand everywhere in school) and after school when playing in rock pools is compulsory! I'm very lucky, I know, actually getting paid for paddling in the sea ...

I've been picking pretty posies ...

Aren't these climbing roses divine? There are millions of them, but sadly they are very fleeting, but stunning nonetheless ...

I've been making lots of lemonade and St Clements drinks ...

And I've been practically living in  the garden, so much so that I've turned it into a room ...

 And given my very old Ikea garden furniture a much-needed makeover ...

And roped everyone else in to help too ...

I might get a couple more years out of it now!

This is the life ...

I'm really enjoying my staycation this year, (even though I haven't officially started my time off, this weather makes every day feel like a holiday) no packing, no passports to find, no overcrowded airports and definitely no mountain of washing to look forward to on my return!

The bunting's out and I'm getting the garden ready ... for an event I've finally plucked up the courage to hold ... my very own vintage sale! As you know, I regularly tootle about on my travels, gathering treasure as I go ... it's an addiction, there's no other way of describing it, but the situation is getting so out of hand, I'm about to declare a state of emergency.  My home is overflowing with vintage loveliness, and with no Fairs in the near future, I thought that this is the solution ... I can sell some stock, make some money, and keep on collecting for next time!  Simples.

Fabulous Vintage Sale
114 Ocean Rd, Walney Island
Saturday 27 July
10am – 3pm

upcycled furniture
lampshades and stands
china (lots of floral teasets)
mirrors and pictures
handmade items

let’s re-love our pre-loved treasures!

Hoping that the weather stays fine ...

Love, Claire xxx


  1. And our weather finally caught up to yours!! We've had temps squeezing past 30'C for the past week, and today looks like another hum-dinger! Your garden looks so inviting ... LOVE the newly painted furniture ;) How nice that you have so many willing volunteers to help out. It's that lovely shade on the green bench with the raspberry cushions that would call me outside every day! I've been taking my crew to a park every day (saves my trampled yard in this heat), and they get to cool off as every park here is equipped with a splash pad ... it's great! We're also down to Lake Ontario to throw rocks in the water and collect the glittery ones. If I lived closer, you know I would be the first banging on the door for your vintage sale Claire :D I'm sure you'll get loads of shoppers! What an inviting front door you have .. the bunting makes it very holiday-like too. Enjoy the rest of your week ... I'm off to plump my pillows on the patio now as the sun is scorching and we need to be out enjoying it (get off the computer Wendy!!). Cheers! Wendy x

  2. Oh Claire I do so envy you in this weather living so close to the sea. I do wish I lived closer so I could come to your little sale I hope it all goes well. Loving the colour of the bench such a zingy green ~ Sarah x

  3. Oh I hope the fair goes well. We are a bit far to visit but I would If it wasn't for all that water! Eleanor xxx

  4. ~ This is a splendid idea, Mrs Thriftwood! I wonder will you be serving PIMMS ! hehe! The new Elderberry and black berry sounds define! Just found out we are travelling back that day, Claire! But I will be with you in thoughts! Have a fabby time....I know you will! Hugs Maria x

  5. Those early morning paddles sound perfect, your makeover looks fab, and I so wish I could be there at your sale, I bet there would be loads I would like to buy! :) x

  6. Claire you have painted such an idyllic picture I can almost picture myself there with you.How brilliant to be able to pop to the beach before school!
    I would love to be able to pop round to your sale, just wish I lived a bit nearer, dont know if I will be able to talk Tony into the long drive ! Hope you manage to sell lots of your beautiful things.

  7. Oh Claire you really are the Queen of revamp. Your ikea bench looks wonderful. I love that shade of green. How exciting your own vintage sale. I hope you sell lots and the sun continues to shine for you. You must be the most popular childminder in the area. I wouldn't mind paddling about in the rock pools.
    Ali xx

  8. Beautiful flowers. Your garden furniture is looking very bright and fresh, just the place to sit and enjoy a cool glass of your lemonade. Good luck with your vintage sale, wish I lived closer so I could come :) xx

  9. Good luck with your pre-loved sale - I wouldlove to pop round if I was local. Your garden furniture looks very fresh. You are so right - with this fabulous weather who needs a passport, we just need to make the most of every spare moment!

  10. Rockpools close to school ... how perfect and a sale of preloved treasure ... I wish I was closer ... Bee xx

  11. Your garden bench looks really lovely and together with the bunting I can't think of anywhere nicer to host a vintage sale - good luck (wish I was nearer!) Jane x

  12. Would dearly love to come but it's a bit far. Like you my house is popping at the seams with vintage stuff, but I still feel I am missing some treasures at your sale!!
    What's the shade of the paint on your bench, is it Annie Sloan chalk paint? Would love a chest of drawers that colour :)
    Sally x

  13. Hi Claire,
    Your garden looks so pretty with the revamped furniture. I wish you lived closer and I could visit your vintage sale! Enjoy the sunshine and the rock pools and having a great time at home.
    Sarah x

  14. A post of summer loveliness, beach trips, roses, bunting and a pretty garden, good luck with your sale Claire,I wish I lived nearer so I could pop in. thinking of you
    Thea xx

  15. Claire the ikea furniture is gorgeous! And you're very blessed to get all that beach time!!
    Tammy xx

  16. How lucky to live near the sea in this weather! Love your garden furniture :) x

  17. I've put it in my virtual diary, I will virtually be there! EE xx

  18. I love your furniture makeover!
    Good luck with your sale..and enjoy the gorgeous weather..lots more beach trips I'm sure.We're off to Brighton today.

    Bellaboo X

  19. Merci de votre visit et de votre doux commentare !!\

    Bonne semaine!!\


  20. your first sentence made me shake my head and say Nooo!! this heat makes me want to run and hide. I wasnt made for beaches and sunshine, I was made for cool ferny woods, and the shelter of shade...

    Leanne x

  21. Love summertime. Love the beach!

  22. Glad you're enjoying this lovely weather we're having, it's been gorgeous. I love the re-painted garden furniture, you've inspired me to do the same! Good luck with the sale, I wish I lived closer. x

  23. I love the garden furniture revamp ... feeling inspired (again!!). I wish I lived near enough to come to your vintage sale ... I am sure it will go well!! xxx

  24. I love your garden furniture Claire, that green paint is a great colour ... and it is so wonderful to be able to spend so much time outdoors ! Love your little posies too ! have a nice weekend...Gail x

  25. isn't it just wonderful to be outside in such glorious weather, so relaxing...I keep feeling I am in France rather than Cumbria! Got a lot do do as it's ArtFest next week in Kendal...looks like you'll be busy too then, good luck with your sale, wish I could come! Emmax

  26. Your garden furniture is absolutely beautiful. I love that strong green with the pink cushions. Lovely snapshots of summer, thanks Claire xx

  27. The kids you look after must love you, taking them to the beach every day!! I love what you've done to that bench, it's transformed by that gorgeous shade of green. x

  28. Thats a gorgeous colour you're painting the furniture. Lots of luck for your forthcoming event - I'm sure it will be very well supported - just wished I lived closer - I'd be there like a shot! :)


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