Monday, 8 December 2014

Absent without leave ...

Hello my lovelies!

I've recently had several messages, comments and emails from you, my faithful followers saying that you miss me, and I'm really touched by this, and the truth is, I really miss you all too!

Everything is fine, there is no underlying bad reason why I haven't been blogging, in fact a very good one ... I've just been so busy with my work there hasn't been time to pause for breath ...

Hopefully, once I've wound down for Christmas I will get back on here and catch up with you all (that's if you want me to after such a long absence), but I felt some kind of explanation was necessary. I am in touch with lots of you on Instagram, a lazy substitute for writing a post, but one that I love nonetheless! Join me there if you would like to ... I'm Thriftwood114, and you'll find lots of other bloggy friends there too.

Will be in touch soon, and hope you're all enjoying your Christmas preparations.

With love, Claire