Wednesday, 5 June 2013

June is bustin' out all over ....

Don't you just love it when the sun shines? These past few days have been so warm and bright, I've spent a lot of time in my little garden, pottering about, pulling a weed here and there and planting flowers bought at the car boot sale for pennies.

This the glorious view from my kitchen window ... it surprises me every time I walk into the kitchen!

 I've been doing lots of washing which is drying almost as soon as it's been hung on the line ... I have a lavender bush directly underneath the line, so bedding smells delicious when  it's brought back in ...

I get up early, load the washing machine, prepare tea, childmind for a couple of hours, take the children to school, walk the dog ... and all before 9.30! Then the deckchair summons and I collapse exhausted for an hour or two ... back in the real world, this doesn't really happen ... wouldn't it be lovely if it did!

Millie has now left school (oh, where have those years gone?) and is just going in for exams, so there's lots of time between revision sessions for nice lunches in the sun  ...

I've been paying a bit of attention to my bike, but am wondering whether to paint it again ... it's faded quite a lot .... a bit like me!

On my walks, I wander beside the sea, through fields filled with wildflowers, so I gather as I go ... just one sprig from a patch here and there ... so you wouldn't even notice it had gone ... tra la laa ...

On my other travels, I've picked up some lovely treasures, this old book, in really good condition, from the late 1950's ... given as a prize for good attendance at Sunday School

and this one I bought for my little sis, because it was always her favourite ...

Classic Enid Blyton, another Sunday School prize from 1959 ... I had never heard of it before, but just loved the very look of it!

I also found this little Sylvac vase, which I thought very unusual ... unfortunately there are lots of the same rarity on Ebay!

And finally, if anything is guaranteed to make you feel your age, it's appearing on the Memories Page of your local newspaper! That's me, grinning like a fool, top left, in 1979 ... with 2 of my best friends who I went ot London with (see last post).

I've been working at Violet's for the past couple of weeks, and really enjoyed that ... the best job in  the world, in  fact.  Where else would you be welcomed with a pot of tea and freshly baked cake of your choice, and told "just sit for a while, I want you to enjoy yourself, we're not busy at the moment"? I spent the days amongst vintage loveliness, meeting lovely customers, making a cake here and there, tittivating displays and trying on clothes ... as I said before, the perfect job! Don't forget, my lovelies, if you're ever in Ulverston, South Cumbria, on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday, do call in, you really won't be disappointed.  The best way I can describe it is teatime at your Grannies!

Hope the sun shines on you all this week!

Love Claire xxx


  1. ~ Such aa charming post, Mrs Thriftwood....I can almost smell the Lavender from your beautiful garden...OOoh I have my Sunday school prize book for attending all the lessons too! I was and am such a good girl! hehe!( 1970) be the year!What a lucky sister I LOVE The far away Tree!~ Take time to dream, Claire...will see you as soon as an be..~ am smiling at the memory page too! Knew it was YOU ! Rosey Maria x with her shades on today! x.

  2. What a lovely post, such a pretty garden, I love the bike. The Magic Faraway Tree was my favourite book as a child ... Sarah x

  3. Like you I have a lavender bush beneath the washing line and around the metal post grows a lush honeysuckle, so you can imagine the scents when the sun is shining. Sadly it's left us again today and back to cooler and grey weather. But it will return and I can get out and sow and weed and potter in general.

  4. ooo..enid blyton, stripy deck chairs, bikes, all the pictures in your lovely post! x

  5. This weather has been so lovely I really hope it lasts until like October? lol.

    What a lovely idea having lavender near where you hand your washing. I have been busy in the garden the past few days too. It seems to call to you doesn't it.

    How cool a picture from your past in the paper! And working in the café does indeed sound wonderful!

    P x

  6. What a lovely post. Wish I could come along right now and laze in that deckchair and then pop into Violets ... instead I am in a stuffy office longing to be outside! M x

  7. Violets does sound like the perfect place to be employed! Are you working the 28th or 29th Claire? I'm coming up for Woolfest and will be staying with my daughter in Ulverston, it would be lovely if our paths finally crossed :)

  8. This post truly is the stuff June is made of! Lovely!
    BH x

  9. A lovely post Claire, I hope you do get chance to spend an hour or two in that deckchair!

  10. I love the idea of having lavender under the washing line--brilliant.

  11. I've had washing on the line today - lovely - so fresh! Violets looks a delight - what a great place to work. Have a good week. Abby x

  12. It all sounds lovely. That bouquet of wild flowers collected on your travels is gorgeous. x

  13. The weather is such a treat at the moment, yes we must make the most of your old books, Claire I could sit on your deck chair and read them all.. bliss!
    Sounds like you have been a busy girl..working at the lovely tea shop..wonderful.
    happy sunshiny days
    Thea x

  14. It all sounds wonderful to me Claire.Sadly I have been in work all week but we are off next week to do some decorating. I hope the weather is still nice because then we can keep popping outside for a rest in the garden. You got some lovely buys too.
    P.S. I would love to pop into Violets, if ever we are that way.....Have a lovely week XX

  15. Ooh if I was still in Grange, I could have come and seen you at Violets. Were off to another craft fair on Saturday, then a new one at West Bay (Broadchurch) for the summer. Julie xxx

  16. That deckchair looks inviting! May the sun shine!

  17. What a happy, happy post ... keep enjoying the sunshine ... Bee xx

  18. Oh it's just so lovely at the moment isn't it ? the nice weather makes such a difference ...a perfect June already ! Gail x

  19. Such pretty pictures and gorgeous bedding xxxx
    Hugs Lynn xx

  20. I have that bedding!! I'm liking the idea of lavender beneath the washing line. Perhaps you could pop a sprig or two into the duvet cover before you put it on your bed! :)

    A lovely blog post as always Claire, I always find something to swoon over in here! K xxx

  21. How lovely Claire - a surprise seeing yourself in the paper from years back! I hope that all went well with your fair
    Best wishes


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