Monday, 4 February 2013

Never can say goodbye ...

Hello my lovelies! It seems a long time since I was here, it's only been 2 weeks, but I didn't really feel I had anything interesting to say, so I didn't ...

Have just had a lovely weekend because Jacob came home (he didn't make it last weekend, due to the bad weather in Leeds, and he was worried about getting back for work) and we had our Christmas dinner in February yesterday.  It felt really hard saying goodbye at the station this morning, because for the first time really, I've realised that he's never coming home to live again.  On visits, yes, but not actually to live here.  I'm glad he's got the confidence to live away from home, but it doesn't make it easier for us mothers when our chicks fly the nest. He seemed very grown-up and mature all of a sudden ... and brought me flowers!

Last weekend, to cheer ourselves up (!) because Jacob wasn't coming home, me an Millie went to see Les Miserables at the cinema.  If you haven't seen it, I can thoroughly recommend it.  I bawled all the way through, much to Millie's horror!

I've broken my 'no spend' rule and received  a couple of parcels recently ...

a little tin picture, that I thought would look lovely in my imaginary caravan/camper van  (one day, one day ...)

a nice new doormat as my old one is looking a bit threadbare ...

a metal verdigris heart (not that I actually need any more hearts, but there you go!)

and a pretty parcel from the lovely Miss CK ...

this actually contains my birthday present,  but I'll give you a sneaky little peek ...

I somehow don't think I can restrain from wearing it until the beginning of March!

I've had a few nice thrifty finds - a pretty glass bonbon dish, some lovely silver-plated dessert spoons and cake forks,  and a handy glass jelly mould ... these look good planted up with spring bulbs!

On the upcycling front, my dear friend Shazza told me she'd like a dresser, and did I think I could find one for her? The very next day I found one ... a lovely little Dutch dresser, just crying out to be prettified!

This is the top of it, before we got cracking with the Annie Sloan!

 And this is the whole thing a few hours later.  Sharon is still waiting for some new china cups to arrive and then it will be complete.  I think she's pleased with it ...

Before I go, I have a little Giveaway for you ... a pre-loved book which came to me via Annie @ knitsofacto called The Fine Colour of Rust.

 It's a feel-good, easy read and if you'd like to read it, just let me know and I'll drop your name in a hat and pick one out next Monday 11 February.  All you have to do once you've read it, is advertise it on your blog as a giveaway, fill in the card inside with your name and then send it on.  It's been all over the place so far!

Talking of good reads, I'm really enjoying Birdsong at the moment ... the tv series was very popular last year, but the book is much, much better ... unputdownable in fact!

I'd like to take this opportunity to say hello to all my lovely new followers ... you're always welcome here!

It's a hard life ..

Have a wonderful week, and see you soon!

Love, Claire xxx


  1. I can't imagine what it will be like for the children to go off and do their own thing, I felt sure it was a long way off for us yet but one will start looking at universities in June!
    The dresser is gorgeous, well done I'm sure your friend loves it. May I be included in the giveaway?, I love the idea of pass-it-on-books. x

  2. Well, a lady can never have too many hearts, don't you think? The dresser looks really good, amazing how some elbow grease and paint can really transform an item isn't it?
    No need to include my name in the book giveaway, I think I was the second or third person to pass it along.

  3. ~ Ooh I feel in LOVE, with birdsong, Claire.... but I know the books are always better....Could I be entered, Please and Thank you!
    I love this idea of passing on that lovely vintage book!
    Glad you have come out of your no spending and I really love your buys....Especially that certain frock! hehe..Look forwards to next week...Lots to catch up on, me thinks!
    Love Maria x

  4. I loved this post...there is lots going on here. I do not like the idea of chicks flying the nest at all. I must not go and see Les Mis...ET nearly killed me! Once I start blubbing I can't stop and it is not hard to get me blubbing! You have had some lovely goodies and finds and what a transformation on the have given me ideas! My favourite bit of the post is your son giving you flowers, what a fantastic job you have done! (((hugs))) xxx

  5. Lots of pretty finds and packages in the mail for you :) Can you believe I haven't got ONE heart decoration in my house? That will all change in the next week or so as I've participated in a 'heart swap'. I love the hearts I made up (will post about them later), and will find it hard to send them off! I know what you mean about your children leaving the nest ... my daughter has just leased a house for next year (2nd year at university), and I doubt we'll see her so often then. It's taking a while to sink in for me, but the longer she's away, the more I miss her. Life moves us all along ... If you're posting the book overseas (Canada) pop my name in, but I'll understand if you choose only UK for your pass-along book. Take care, enjoy your week! Wendy

  6. Glad you were finally able to enjoy your Christmas meal - was there still some snow to lend a December feel to it, I wonder? I'm not looking forward to the day my one-and-only flies the nest...but as one who returned home after university, and then again after selling my first house, you never know when your children WILL come back to live with you! Lovely dresser and goodies!

  7. I love the dresser makeover it is so pretty. I miss my sons- the last one left over a year ago, but I can't change his room yet!
    Please enter me for the giveaway.

  8. You may have felt you had nothing to say before but you sure saved it up for this post!! What a lot has been happening for you!! Yes, it is hard when your family flies the nest! I always feel that it shows that you have done a old job of parenting when they have the confidence to go!! I loved the dresser you got for your friend and the makeover that you did on it....and your thrifty much to share...thanks! Joan

  9. What a lovely give-away idea. A travelling and much loved book. Please enter me, although I am not in the UK is that ok? I am doing a slightly unusual giveawy at the moment too. A pay it forward. So far no takers but it takes a commitment from the winner so harder to enter...


  10. It is so hard when the children move away. You are delighted they are independent but you miss them all the same. If you don't mind posting to Ireland please put my name into the hat for the book.

  11. I loved Birdsong and was so disappointed by the TV series - no comparison. x

  12. Hello Claire, I thought you had been very quiet recently! I really love what you have done to your friends dresser and all your lovely finds. I would never have thought of using a glass jelly mould for some spring bulbs, what a brilliant idea, now I just need to find one!!

  13. Hi Claire, some great purchases, I think you're worth it! You've done a great job on the dresser! :) x

  14. Ah bless you, I am stealing myself to letting my youngest go in a few years and I am dreading it.

  15. I really enjoyed reading your blog post :)
    Im sorry to hear that Jocob is not coming home to live again but he has his independence and your house will always be his home filled with love.

    Wow you really did break the no spending rules! loveing the thrifty finds.

  16. I'm glad I'm not the only one with too many hearts around the place Claire! I like the look of that Cath Kidston present as well...and your upcycled dresser...and Birdsong. It would have been easier to just say 'I love this post!' Claire x

  17. You always have something intersting to say Claire! I love your posts and your blog, especially when you have some thrifty treasures to show us. The dutch dresser is really beautiful.

    Your words about your son were moving. It must be strange and hard when they pull away from you. I am dreading it. I don't want my youngest to start school next september!

    Gillian x

  18. Hello Claire
    Glad you have spent some time with your son..It is strange seeing them grow up and becoming independent adults(my eldest works in Leeds too)
    but we know there comes a time when they need to be set free...
    your Birthday dress looks lovely...along with your little shopping treats
    Its good to spoil yourself sometimes
    special wishes from one Mum to another
    Take care
    Thea x

  19. Your post is so cosy and lovely, and that dresser is v sweet! I love the door mat... are you able to tell me where you got it from - it looks like a cath kidson print on it. We are in dire need of a new mat, and this one would look lovely by my front door too!

  20. Birdsong is the best book ever! Love your finds :) x

  21. Your birthday present looks exciting. You have some lovely finds. I always enjoy your newsy posts. I am doing a swap if you are in the mood more the merrier. Betty x

  22. Sounds like you've a very well brought up son - well done!
    Love all your fab goodies, and I'm off to see Les Mis this afternoon - will be sure to take a wad of tissues ;-)
    Oh, and please pop me in the hat for the book giveaway too.

  23. Lovely to hear your news Claire ... lots of lovely finds and the dresser looks great ... Bee xx

  24. hello!

    Lovely to find you here from instagram!

    noodleBubble x

  25. lots of eye candy here- what a fabulous dresser looks beautiful- i do love a bit of white paint on old furniture ;0) x

  26. How many beautiful things, Claire.
    Here in Italy, now is not anymore ... shame!
    Beautiful also the shabby furniture ...... cheers!
    Love Susy x

  27. Hi Claire, thank you for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment. You have a lovely blog im so sorry Jacob is leaving home i dread the day when my 2 boys do they are 16 and 12 now. Its very hard being a mummy sometimes. I find it hard now there more independant as they dont need me as much. Lovely bulbs i have the same ones in my kitchen window and they have just started to flower. I love your dresser you painted for your friend its beautiful no wonder she loves it :-) I will pop back soon. Take care, dee xx

  28. Hello Claire, nice to see you back in your bloggy space, and can I say I always find your posts interesting :D

    The empty nest thing ... I know! One of my four has a job interview in your town next week, I think I'm driving her up for it. She moved out for Uni but studied locally so it never really felt like she had gone, and now suddenly, one way or another, she's flying further.

  29. Hello Claire, well you know that I know just how you feel, and that one day your heart will mend and mine...i'm sure of it, he is a good lad, to bring his ma flowers :-)
    I love that little dresser, it has been turned into a beautiful swan...
    Take care, remember to breath.... and just think about today,,,tomorrow will take care of itself..she says!!! xxx

  30. Dear Claire,

    Know how very hard it is when our little ones move out and make a life away from home but it is what they have to do. Always wonderful when they come home to visit.
    Love all the fabulous gifts you bought and your birthday present looks lovely.
    Thanks for visiting me and I hope you are having a great week


  31. Hi Claire what a lovely post,we've just got back our youngest daughter as she has split fom her fiancee so I've been madly rearranging the house to fit all of her stuff in,it's at times like this when I wish I wasn't such a hoarder!!Your new doormat is gorgeous,where from please?!The dresser is lovely and so are all your finds.Your post really cheered me up today,please could I be entered into your giveaway?Thankyou.Kind regards Pam.

  32. Hello Claire
    It's lovely to hear you finally got your family Christmas. Hope you all had a lovely day. The dresser looks beautiful, lucky friend. Have a lovely week.
    Ali x

  33. Dear Claire
    Those flowers are most poignant and convey a great deal of love and meaning don't you think. I am not surprised that watching Le M then made you weep!
    A lovely makeover whilst we are at it.
    Best wishes

  34. What lovely goodies and OH that dress! nice.
    I feel for you missing your son, It's so hard to let them fly isn't it?? I wish i could shrink mine back down just for a little while. It means you have done a wonderful job though, especially if he bought you flowers, so sweet.
    love jooles xxx

  35. Hi Claire. It is so hard when your children grow up and leave home!! I thought it would be easier the second time around...neither was it for the third! It means we've done our mothering job properly in that they are able to go!! almost like the first day at school....I expect!
    May I say I always love your posts....!!
    Love your thrift finds and also the dresser makeover!! Just lovely

  36. I know how you feel with Jacob having left home, my son David left in September and although you are glad they are making there own life it is hard to know that this will no longer be their permanent home. The times you seen them are that more precious.
    Your friend most love that Dutch dresser. What a find and you have transformed completely!
    Sarah x

  37. Votre cadeaux d`anniversaire est jolie !!! Et le meubles vintage j`aime bien aussi ! :0)

    Merci de votre visite et de votre doux commentaire chez moi !! :0)

    Bonne semaine
    xxx Maria xxx

  38. Hi Claire ! My husband has just finished reading birdsong, he enjoyed it. You did a fab job on that dresser it looks great ! and what a great idea to pass a book on via blogland ! have a nice week...Gail x

  39. haha that metal holiday sign, i have that hanging in my home on wheels!

  40. My boy is leaving home anytime soon and i am dreading it,Bless you Claire it can't be easy x
    The sign get it yourself made me laugh! so funny and it would be so fun in a holiday place with wheels!
    Now you have gone and done it i want to go browse and Cath which is very dangerous! ;)
    The little dresser looks fabulous! I bet she is over the moon with it xxx

  41. ps I just became a follower and it said congratulations you are now our 176th follower and you have a won a tin sign,a doormat,a metal heart and a new dress!!!
    Can you believe it haha ;) x

  42. Hello there Claire,
    I've just popped over to let you know I've nominated you for the super sweet blogger award. It's all about chocolate if you want to accept. Hope your having a lovely week.
    Ali x


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