Thursday, 14 February 2013

You're in my heart, you're in my soul ...

Each to his own, but Steve and I don't really subscribe to the over-commercialised lovey-doveyness of Valentine's Day, but prefer to keep it a bit more simple ...

Steve gave me 2 great big bunches of my favourite flowers, daffodils and tulips, so these are dotted all around the house ...

 I bought Steve some of his favourite Sumatran coffee, the smell of it filled my car with its deep, rich, heady aroma ... I couldn't take a photo of it, as he'd taken it to work before I got the chance.

Although we're not overly romantic ... love is all around! Have I ever told you that I have a fondness for hearts? I'm sure you'd never guess ...

Sweet little tea light holders on my bookshelves ...

even the windows don't escape a bit of heartiness!

Tiny heart on EB cup and saucer ...

The 'heart' theme must run in the family! Millie's delicious ginger biscuits ... Millie's Cookies!

Little tin sign ...  phrase from one my children's many favourite books 'Guess how much I love you' ...

Faded wooden heart by my lovely Mam's picture ...

Vintage wooden blocks ... fabulous charity shop find ... a phrase to fit every occasion!

My all time favourite thrifty find - my hearts-and-roses adorned Sadler teapot - £2 ... yes, really!

Betty, the Doorstop Cat ... complete with felt heart ... a birthday present from my children many years ago ... xx

And back to earth with a bump, enough of the hearts and flowers!

Me and Annie Sloan have been busy lately ...

Little plant stand very kindly given to me by Maria, needed a little cheering up ...

Sorry about the odd angle, I took this sitting on the stairs!

A very filthy, bug encrusted cupboard, with the front missing ... this photo is taken after I'd cleaned it, and hoovered the drawer out ... believe me, it would have put you off your Valentine's breakfast in bed!

A touch of AS Antoinette, a piece of chicken wire and some Cath Kidston check fabric I had lying around ... Oops! more hearts! ...

Nearly finished, this has gone on a bit! My first attempt at anything other than a square, crochet-wise ... I think it may be lacking something on the front ... a heart, perhaps?

Thank you for joining in with the book pass-around last time ... The Fine Colour of Rust is, as we speak, winging its way to Canada, where Wendy at September Violets eagerly awaits its arrival.

On 17th February I celebrate my first blogiversary and without being over-sentimental can I just say that the wording on the card says it all!

Have a fabulous Valentine's Day, whether you partake or not, I'd love to hear all about it ...

Lots of Love,

Claire xxx


  1. A really lovely post Claire! I really like the doorstop and teapot :-)

    Have a lovely day!
    Sarah x

  2. Happy Valentine's Day to you too! I love hearts too and have the tin sign "all the way to the moon and back..." sitting on the wall next to my desk - a gift from my son. x

  3. LOVE-Ly post and with all those hearts scattered all around your house, definately a touch of romance going on there!

    we had our dinner out and it was v nice too!

  4. Well, we don't do Valentine's Day either, though I do send special messages to my closest female friends as I don't believe that a Vaslentine's Day message is limited to couples. It's nice to be told you are loved and special as a friend, don't you think?

  5. Ahhhh ... I love all the hearts ... and the plant stand ... I feel all inspired to annie sloan something :0) xxx

  6. Don't you think hearts are just the most perfect shape! Love that little cupboard! :) x

  7. Love is certainly all around and I looove that little cupboard x

  8. really wonderful post.
    love your crochetwork and that little cupboard!
    happy valentine,
    love regina

  9. You hold out on posts for a while, but THEN! you hit us with so much goodness :) Can I just say my favourite photo here is the wire(?) heart with the lace curtain beside it and is that a view of the sea?! Wow! I would be there by that window (or more likely, down by the shore) for the better part of each day! Love all your table and cabinet makeovers too ... I have a small smoking table that I'd like to paint, and your photos have given me much needed inspiration (now I just need time!). Thank you so much for sending the book overseas to me ... I'm looking forward to receiving it. Happy Valentine's Day to you!! Wendy :)

    1. Hello Wendy, thanks for your lovely comments! I live opposite a salt marsh so for several days each month the tide comes right in and it looks like I have a lake just over the road for an hour or so ... the seashore itself is just 2 minutes up the road, I am very lucky I know! xx

  10. Love all your hearts - and those red tulips are so beautiful. You & Annie make a good team too!
    Have a happy day,

  11. Just love that waterbottle cover .. think I must have a go at that. Did you have a pattern to follow?

    And lovin the fresh flowers .. you cant beat um..

    Vicky x

    1. Hello Victoria,

      I made it up as I went along! Just made 10 squares, joined them up into a bag shape and then just went round and round the top in stripes until it covered the stopper. Made a chain using both colours and threaded through. Hope this helps! xx

  12. Hello Claire,
    're like me, hearts everywhere,
    throughout the house!
    Happy St. Valentino
    Love Susy x

  13. That little cupboard is very sweet and you've made it beautiful. We like a low-key Valentine's here (mainly because we don't have much spare cash!) so it's a card and a small gift, a bottle of wine and a nice meal at home. Which is all I want really!

    Gillian x

  14. Lots and lots of loveliness in todays post Claire. I love how you have transformed the cabinet, its gorgeous.Enjoy your day !

  15. Hello Claire
    I love your hearts in every "nook and cranny" ..I love them too they make every thing feel homely.. you have been a busy bee with your paint brush..I love your plant stand
    And Congratulations on your Anniversay yes we must have all started this journey together.. I am so glad we have "met" you brighten my world with your blog and sweet words
    Happy Valentines
    Thea x

  16. Happy Valentine's Day!

  17. 'Happy first year' Mrs! It is a lovely world on here.....~ YOU have certainly given that little cupboard another life...And that's what it is all about!~ Ooh how lovely is that water bottle cover....Well done! Crocheting is rewarding, once you start, you can't put it down... Love Maria x PS. THA......Plant stand has come on a treat too! hehex

  18. Oh Claire you have been busy with your paint brush and such lovely end results too....well done they are so pretty..
    Daisy j

  19. Hi Claire,

    You have shared a beautiful post, love all your wonderful photos. The hearts are gorgeous and how pretty and bright your daffodils and tulips are. Great to see the transformation of your wooden pieces, they look great.
    Wishing you a happy weekend

  20. Your furniture makeovers are very clever Claire - good for you for seeing what others can't.
    Keep up your creative work
    Best wishes

  21. There is nothing nicer than a big vase full of spring flowers is there? You can't help but smile when the daffies are opening :)

    Love all the subtle little hearty bits around your home. Love, Kim xx

  22. Happy Blogoversary (no idea what one should call it!) for yesterday. Knitsofacto will be 2 on Friday. February is obviously a good month for starting a blog!

    Loved all the hearty goodness :D

  23. I loved reading this all your gorgeous heart pictures, and the pretty painted furniture reminds me it is time I ordered some more Annie Sloan paint too and painted the next pieces I have waiting! Your latest makeovers look wonderful, Claire.
    Helen x


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