Tuesday, 22 January 2013

January brings the snow ...

January brings the snow;
Makes our feet and fingers glow.
Sara Coleridge

The snow arrived on my little island yesterday, and came down all day relentlessly, but not settling.  After the school run it upped its game and settled, putting paid to my plans for the evening.  (A new crochet class, I'll tell you more when I've been!) Today it's melting, and to be honest I'm glad, as I don't really like it ... love the look of it at first, but then I hate the inconvenience, the slushiness and the danger of it.

This morning I walked the children and Ruby to school, and when I came back, had my porridge (looks a lot, but it's a small bowl!) and gave the girls theirs too ... this photo was taken last week, before the snow ...

Today, I've got a rare kind of day ... no appointments, no needing to be anywhere, so I'll tell you my plans for a perfect day.  The children I mind arrive at 7.30, so I got up particularly early and threw some ingredients into my slow cooker.  I love this kind of cooking, quick, easy and great for using things up.  I've used some chicken breasts, potatoes, carrots, garlic, onions and butternut squash.  Later, I might toss in a handful of button mushrooms and it will fill the house with delicious smells ready to welcome everyone home later.  With a lovely crusty loaf it's just what you need to warm the cockles!

Chores out of the way, I'm going to be sitting by this ...

In my new to me, upcycled rocking chair ...

Do you remember how it looked when I brought it home?

Annie Sloan came to the rescue once again! A lovely shop was selling EXACTLY (( know, because I've been back to check!) the same rocking chair for £225! It cost me £15 and a bit of paint.

I've got a couple of new magazines to leaf through ...

and a gorgeous book, given to me by my lovely friend Francesca, it's called French General Handmade Soirees and is full of beautiful projects for special occasions ...

Beautiful photography ..

Vintage papers ...

and lots of tantalising recipes ...

I'll sit back enjoying the colour and scent of these ...

and the cheeriness of this little lavender bag, given to me by the lovely Maria and made by The Vanilla Squirrel, using beautiful vintage fabrics and crammed full of heady summer-scented lavender.

... remembering snowy days from winters past ...

Actually, I'll be doing no such thing! Jacob is coming home at the weekend (hurray!!). We haven't seen him since before Christmas, so we're going to have a Christmas Dinner and present exchange ... I draw the line at re-erecting the tree! As you may recall, his room is used to store my vintage stock and also any ongoing projects.  When I open his bedroom door, my mother's words ring in my ears ...

'It's like Ozzy Woods in here!'

(This photo is courtesy of Google ...
 it's not actually Jacob's room, but you get the gist!)

Ozzy Woods was a local dealer who had a large warehouse selling furniture and carpets, and all manner of things for the home.  Health and safety was not an issue, and sofas hung from the rafters, piles of carpets teetered precariously and the path was strewn with various bits of bric a brac.  Local followers may remember Ozzy's and perhaps their mothers used these words too.

So in reality, my day is being spent lugging furniture and boxes from Jacob's room to somewhere else (where, I do not know), cleaning and making it a bit more welcome for Christmas in January.

Keep warm and carry on!

Love Claire xxx 


  1. Ooh I remember Ozzy Woods, we got a few bits of furniture from him....In the old days of course! Hehe...
    ~ Its just the weather to be slow cooking and making comfort food, Mrs! Soo Glad Jacob is a coming home.....~ and you get some time together.
    LOVE your rocking chair, we had one just like that many moons ago...Enjoy your crochet class! sounds like fun! Love Maria x
    PS It was quite a flurry for us all yesterday, Like you, I am glad it is melting away today! hehe.

    1. Oops forgot to add......Soo Glad You LOVED that sweet cushion and its wonderful vintage material....
      She is a clever one that 'Vanilla Squirrel':) ~ And so lovely too!!

  2. Oh my ... my spare room looks like that!!! Gulp!! xx

  3. Claire, you paint a wonderful picture with your words and photos. The little glimpses of your home makes me want to get into the garage and start painting the bits of furniture I have lying around. The rocking chair looks absolutely fabulous:what a find that was! Have a great afternoon relaxing with those magazines, Claire x

  4. We have still got lots of snow here Claire in Yorkshire, no sign yet of it going.
    I really love your rocking chair, what a bargain, you have a very keen eye!

  5. Lol what a great expression for a full room!

    Your dream day sounds lovely. But getting ready for a
    returning family member also sounds lovely too!

    Hope you have a cosy day whatever you end up doing.

    I am the same about snow, I hate it the day after when the paths are just covered in impacted ice. I have been a real chicken and sent the other on the school runs but I think there is mutiny afoot and I might have to venture out later. Wish me luck! lol.

    P x

  6. I love throwing everything into the slow cooker so simple and so comforting. Your rocking chair looks wonderful a great transformation. The perfect place to read those magazines. Hope you get to stay cosy inside after the school run.
    Ali x

  7. Lots of snow here in Norfolk too, though today is the first day it has been thawing and the four to five inches is down to two. And at least footpaths are clear, and the lanes in the village too.
    I bought my slow cooker back in the 80s and use it regularly. These cold days I am loving spending time making up new soup recipes (and trying them out of course!) and baking... something very homely and satisfying in a country housewifey kind of way, about being in a warm kitchen, views of a very snowy garden through the windows, the smell of soup or cake in the air.

  8. I talk about Ozzy Woods all the time too, I hope that my kids confuse their children by carrying it on. Lovely to hear Jacob's visiting, hopefully I'll see him xxx

  9. I absolutely love that lavender bag, I've got a big bag of lavender in my craft cuboard, I keep getting a blast when I open the door! Cute chickens eating their porridge! :) x

  10. we have also a lot of snow in your rocket-chair!
    beautiful blog!
    have a nice time,
    blessings regina

  11. The rocking chair has turned out so lovely, you did a great job (and saved loads as well doing it yourself ). The lavender bag is adorable, what a sweet gift.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog, I hope to return to blogging some time soon x

  12. That rocking chair looks amazing, what a bargain.

  13. Hi Claire,lovely post and fab rocking chair.Warm regards Pam.

  14. The rocking chair turned out great. I have to lean out my Sons room everytime he come home. The ironing keeps getting piled up on his bed. Enjoy christmas again.

  15. Hello Claire
    Yes I have had enough of the white stuff now..we still have a lot laying around..your rocking chair has turned out beautifully you must be so pleased (and what a bargain)...Enjoy your little Christmas with your son
    Keep warm
    Thea xx

  16. Your home looks so wonderfully cosy! And how wonderful to have a rocking chair - you've made a grand job of restoring that. Hope your post-Christmas Christmas meal goes well - have a lovely time with Jacob xx

  17. Uh oh, I have a severe case of rocking chair envy! Your day sounds so lovely,apart from the bit where you have to clear out the boxes of stuff ;-)
    Hope you enjoyed it,
    stay warm & safe in the slushy snow - apparently it's going to get warmer again next week. Yay!

  18. Just so love your enamel coffee pots Mrs!

    Vicky x

  19. Hi Claire,

    Sounds like a lovely cozy day for you and love what you have done with the rocking chair. I have a kauri rocking chair which I love. The French Generals Soiree book looks beautiful.
    Jacob's room sounds like our son Marcel's - has all my sewing stuff and things we had to empty out from the lounge that we are redecorating. Had to do the same thing when he came home.

    Have a happy week and many thanks for visiting me

  20. Hello Claire, I'm a new follower, and have enjoyed reading some of your previous posts too. You've done up your rocking chair so nicely! I have one very similar that used to sit in my mother's kitchen where she would sit and read while waiting for any number of things to finish cooking on the stove. Wendy

  21. Enjoy your dinner and catching up! Xx

  22. We all need an Ozzy Woods don't we! I did a double take when I saw that photo - crips I thought - I need no longer worry about our spare room being full I will just show Dom this photo! Lovely rocking chair and a job well done - isn't it great when you create your own bargain
    Best wishes

  23. You had me there - I wanted to be at your house until the box lugging bit!

  24. Thanks for the lovely post, Claire! The rocking chair turned out beautifully, and the course of your days has a happy motion to them, even if snow has its faults :) You inspire me to go start the crockpot and get some more stitching done. I hope you have a wonderful visit with your son.

  25. I LOVE that rocking chair. I'm looking out for one too and have AS paint at the ready! Yours is very inspiring! Try Double Oven Bread (I put my recipe over on my blog) - it's so, so easy and would go really well with your slow cooked dinner (it's certainly not lasting long around my soup)!!! Keep warm. Ax

  26. I LOVE that rocking chair. I'm looking out for one too and have AS paint at the ready! Yours is very inspiring! Try Double Oven Bread (I put my recipe over on my blog) - it's so, so easy and would go really well with your slow cooked dinner (it's certainly not lasting long around my soup)!!! Keep warm. Ax

  27. What a lovely post.

  28. I love what you've done to that rocking chair, what a great job. It looks lovely. Enjoy your January Christmas!

    Gillian x

  29. Lovely post..and you've just reminded me I must get my slow cooker out from the back of the cupboard.
    Bellaboo X

  30. Well done, I keep hoping for my own rocking chair find xx

  31. Excellent job on the chair, it looks very inviting.
    We seem to have had snow for weeks now (it's probably only really one week). I am so ready for it to melt now...

  32. Hi Claire,

    Have a lovely time with your son! The chair looks great!!!

    Madelief x

  33. Beckitt and Son, the Ozzy Wood's equivalent where I grew up ... thanks for the memory Claire, I'd forgotten all about it! And for some reason, on the back of that thought I found myself reminiscing about the smell of the old cinemas I visited as a child in the late 60s and early 70s.

    Hope you had a lovely time with your son :)

  34. The chair looks great Claire, I hope you managed a little time in it with your magazines! We had an Ozzy Woods type of place where I grew up and trying to remember the name is going to bug me all day! Hope you had the best of times with Jacob. x

  35. ur home looks so lovely and a bit jealous as we are in the middle of summer in melbourne (aus),and i just can't wait to be reading while snuggling under crocheted blankets,sipping hot chocolate,and watching the wild cooler weather from indoors!

    ill be popping over again to this lovely online space u have created for more cosiness!

    mezz (aka mezz makes stuff)

  36. Hello Claire - I have nominated you for a blog award. Pop over to my blog for details. Please don't feel you have to do it unless you want to, blogging awards aren't everyone's thing, but I do like your blog very much.

    Gillian x

  37. Hello Claire
    Just dropping in to say hello and so pleased to have been 'matched' with you for Bobo's swap. Into my working part of the week at the moment but will email in a couple of days!

  38. Sorry to be so tardy in reading and commenting on your lovely post. Oh - I'd like to hunt around Ozzy Woods, to sit in your rocking chair and browse amongst the pages of that French General book, eating your porridge (Like some latter day Goldilocks!), before tucking in to a portion of your slow cooked dinner! Hope your post-Christmas Christmas was good!

  39. I loved reading this filled with cosy homely things just right for these wintery days. I hope your room sorting went ok...such a hard job to do! I also hope your belated Christmas was lovely :)
    Helen x

  40. um i love annie sloan chalk paint! its a life saver! the chair came out great looks beautiful! im working on an old HUGE picture frame thats been in the garage for years...cant wait to see how it looks in annie sloan old white!


  41. wow love the rocker ! you did a great job ! and how nice to have a little Christmas celebration at the end of Jan ! have a nice weekend..Gail x

  42. I've just found your blog through My Norfolk Life - what a treat! I hope you have managed to take some time to sit in your gorgeous chair, smell the hyacinths and read your book by now. I look forward to following your adventures in 'tittivating' x


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