Thursday, 3 July 2014

Am I only dreaming?

Good morning, my lovelies!

This is where I'm writing to you from today ... and no, before you ask, I'm not on my jollydays although it does feel like it ...

Come on in ... kick off your shoes, and I'll give you a tour ...

Meet Dotty ... our new family member, and already much-loved ...

This is my favourite place to sit and watch the world go by ...

Room to relax ...

Another cosy corner ..

and Ruby, photobombing my pretty pictures! She's settled in very well, and I can often find her in here, getting away from it all ...

Time to put your feet up, and enjoy the ride (although we aren't going anywhere!) ...

Floral loveliness abounding ...

My treasures all fit in so effortlessly ...

And life really is just a bowl of cherries! 

This dream of mine, to have a caravan in the garden, has been harboured for ever ... ever since I was a little girl and used to visit a family friend's caravan by the sea.  A bolt hole, somewhere to think and dream, to be creative or just simply to laze about in, doing nothing. Somewhere that is home, but not in the house ... but not properly outside either. 

This dream has been made a reality by a lovely lady called Gillian. She remembered that about a year ago, I had been enquiring on Facebook if anyone had an old caravan I could buy, for a project in the garden.  I wasn't lucky as the replies were all too expensive, too big, or just not what I was looking for.  When passing a possible candidate parked at the roadside, I would screech to a halt, leap out and look for phone numbers, but it was never to be.  Until now, and I'm so, so glad that I waited! Gillian contacted me, saying she was selling her caravan and would I like to look at it.  She mentioned it was green with white spots, and decorated in Cath Kidston style.  All I can say is Gillian is not prone to exaggeration and I was flabbergasted when I saw Dotty for the first time, and when  the door was opened I was in seventh heaven! Steve took down the measurements and we then had to come home and measure the space we had available.  I knew that if she didn't fit through the gates that was the end of it ... with about 6 inches to spare on each side, Dotty was eased into position on our drive on Sunday evening.  We are busy removing raised beds on the veggie plot to finally position her as we can't get through our front door with ease any more!

Everyone who comes to see Dotty says "you've been busy, when did you get her"? and can't believe that she was already like this ... she is just perfect for my taste ... I had even painted a little step stool green with white spots only last week ... and my cushions match the roller blinds! I have been introducing small items, but can't go mad as yet, as Dotty has to be moved, so I will only have to empty her again.  There is loads of storage but I am determined that she doesn't become like my craft room ... too full to open the door! My craft room can now be tidied and sorted as my old Singer can now reside in Dotty ... a perfect place to sit and sew ...

Dreams can come true ... and thank you so much Gillian for making mine happen ... I know we are going to have many, many happy years with Dotty! 

Love, Claire xxx

PS: Thank you all for your lovely greetings and comments on Tuesday! We had a wonderful day with family and friends and the sun shone, so it was just perfect ... thanks again xxx


  1. Hello Claire,

    At first glance, we fell in love with Dotty. What a treasure and we just know that you are going to enjoy many happy hours with her.

    It is so beautifully decorated, clearly Gillian loved her too. Indeed, we do not know how she could bear to be parted from her. And, to think that Dotty sits at the end of the drive just waiting.......well, it is like an Enid Blyton novel. Oh, what adventures you are going to have!

  2. Squeal! I'm speechless, it's a real beauty. xx

  3. How lovely for you, she is a pretty little space for you to either busy or while away the hours. I only wish that I had the space to emulate you. Maybe it is time for me to think about a Glammed up shed.The purpose built "garden rooms" are far too pricey.

  4. Wow! Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous, great place for morning coffee or afternoon tea with friends. May I come and play.........?
    Julie xxxxxxx

  5. Wow what a dream come true! if I stood next to Dotty I would match her beautifully as am green with envy! How lovely to see someone creative with a dream come true and enjoying every bit of it - good for you! Betty

  6. Ooooooh......lovely, lovely, lovely! Dreams can come true! Hope you are very happy in your new space! :) x

  7. OH my word Claire... what a treat to behold and to think it came like this! The sun was shining on you that day! :) Enjoy! Hazel x

  8. Hello Claire
    She's wonderful I can tell you really have fallen for her, and I am sure you will spend many happy days pretty too
    I see congratulations are in order too...hope you had a lovely meal together
    I have not been on the Blog for a while..having a rest and involving myself in a little business project of mine
    Enjoy your week (especially with Dotty)

  9. Oh my, she is absolutely gorgeous, lucky you!

  10. Oh Claire, Dotty is just too, too lovely - she's is obviously to meant to live with you! Wishing you many happy days together :-)
    ooh, and yes I'm just that teensiest bit green (to match Dotty's spots) with envy, but I look forward to reading all about your adventures together!
    Hugs xx

  11. How wonderful, she looks adorable. I hope you have lots of lovely days sat in her!

  12. Fabulous!!!!!! What a beauty!! I can see why you would just love to go and sit and enjoy and be!! She is so prettily decorated, I don't know how Gillian managed to part with her, but I am sure that she is glad that Dotty has found such a great home with you!! xx

  13. Dreams can come true then?
    Dotty is gorgeous and I have caravan envy lol!
    Don't forget to update us with pics and goings on, like sewing and decorating, although there's not much decorating to be done in Dotty!

  14. I want a Dotty!!! She is wonderful in everyway!!!! You are sooooo lucky to have such a beautiful space all for yourself....enjoy!!!

    keep well

    Amanda xx

  15. Oh Claire what wonderful news. She's gorgeous. What a wonderful place to pass the time. Dotty looks quite at home. Ali xx

  16. Oh Claire she is a beauty you lucky thing! Good things come to those who wait and you are very deserving of her. I'm sure you and she will spend some wonderful times together. A place to dream and to just be. Perfect. x

  17. Claire!! This is amazing!! I too am just stunned that this little caravan has found its way to your home. Dotty is the sweetest thing, and how quaint to have her sitting right there in your yard. I wish my trailer looked like this inside. I would never go hiking or canoeing again! "Leave me here to read and sew!" Congratulations my friend. I'm just enjoying the image of all of you squeezing out the front door with a caravan's bum blocking the way. I'm sure your family is teasing you about it ... just a bit? Enjoy! Wendy x

  18. How wonderful, Claire! Dotty is delightful, the perfect place to sit and dream and sew! It will be so relaxing to have this sweet little retreat to enjoy!
    Happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  19. Hiya Claire
    OMG Dotty is sensational (I want her Sister Betty asap!)
    How lovely you have her with the peaceful ambiance with the straw hat! Just Perfect.

  20. Dotty looks wonderful, what a lovely idea to have your own bolt hole in the garden, I'm envious!

  21. How wonderful that Dotty has found her way to you, Claire! I am so excited for you and pleased that Gillian helped make Dotty yours :) Wishing you joyful, creative, renewing times in Dotty in the years ahead. xx

  22. Ah I bet she feels like one of the family already!
    Here's to day dreaming in Dotty

  23. WOW!!! As dear Ethel would say"You lucky Duck!! It couldn't have been better could it?All your things are so very pretty! Does it have a little stove to make a cup of tea? Best regards Pam.

  24. Your patience has certainly paid off Claire. You lucky, lucky thing to have such a pre-prepared treasure with all things that suit you down to the ground. Enjoy your bolt hole when it is in its permanent position. xx

  25. how lovely - wish i had one!!!! xx

  26. Oh I wish I had a Dottie! No I wish I had time to HAVE a Dottie. Maybe one day? I hope so but I think I'd have to get another house somewhere as we live in a terrace/town house and there's barely enough room on the drive for our van and the children's cars! Oh well a girl can dream; you've certainly achieved yours Claire Well Done she's perfect! <3 <3

  27. Oh wow that is just perfect ! and I know exactly what you mean about having a little bolt hole nice ! Gail x


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