Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Picture Day

Hello my lovelies, hope you're all having a Wonderful Wednesday? Ever since my working hours reduced quite drastically, I don't seem to have enough hours in the day to get things done! I'm a childminder, and now I'm not as tied to the school run as much as I was, I still get up at the same time and try to get chores out of the way by 9am, then I have the day to do what I like ... if only! I'd just like to take you through my day ... in pictures.

When Steve has gone to work, and Millie to college, I make the beds, run round tidying up ... picking things up and putting them where they belong; collect washing and crockery that has been deposited around the house, and put into the corresponding machines. If I know what we're having for tea I'll prepare this or put something into the slow cooker.

 The time this frees up later in the day is invaluable ... I don't have to worry about getting a meal on the table on time because it's done. If I haven't already done so, I'll have breakfast.  By this time I am getting looked at ...

Walkies around my little island is a treat when the sun is shining but not so great when the wind is roaring and the rain relentlessly pouring from the grey skies ... people seem much more friendlier on a sunny day too!  If it's a nice day, once I get home I'll hang the washing out,

and feed the girls ...

I do love to be at home all day ... I know this isn't for everyone, and I am lucky that I can do this ... but I do work hard, honestly!

 This is how I'd like to spend my day ...

And this is the reality ...

Most of my day is spent cleaning the most filthy, smelly pieces of furniture and giving them a new life.  I know that I can't keep everything ... but sometimes it's very hard to let go! I've just finished this little cupboard ... it was very fiddly and took a long time as it has lots of nooks and crannies ... but I got there in the end ...

I think it will have to go though, I just don't have any spare walls left ...

This is another piece I've just finished ... my favourite part is waxing and distressing, it can surprise me sometimes how this simple process can really make a piece 'sing'.  I love setting up my furniture at fairs and displaying my bits and pieces on them.  I'd secretly love a job as a window dresser or house doctor!

Sometimes I have to put my paintbrush down and pick up a needle and thread instead, I have a commission to finish today for a very lovely lady who is collecting it tomorrow, so can't stay chatting too long ... If I am running out of projects I might just go for a runout to my favourite places, looking for treasures, but otherwise, I'm happy to stay at home pottering ... and if I'm very lucky, a friend will drop in for tea and cake

This is a little lamp I upcycled last week. I'm definitely not adept at sewing, but I've worked out a way of revamping lampshades that doesn't test my abilities too much!

I hear the door opening ... is that the time already?

Hopefully tea will be ready, and afterwards I'll pick up my sewing or do a bit of crochet while watching the telly (wasn't The Great British Sewing Bee fab?) and before I know it, The News is on and I'm back to where we started ... a good night's sleep and I'll be ready to do it all again tomorrow ...

N'night, sweet dreams!

Love Claire xxx


  1. You are so well organized! Love the colors you've used to paint the furniture.

  2. A lovely picture diary of your days xxx loving that little,cupboard x

  3. There's a cosiness to your days that sounds comforting, I love nothing more than pottering around my home. Your cupboards are gorgeous xx

  4. Dear Claire,

    I have so enjoyed reading about your day-to-day life! I can imagine how full your days are and you make them sound so cheery and inspiring!



  5. sounds great - i love being at home as well - although i don't think i pack so much into a day as you!!! i am a great list maker - goodness knows why because i hardly ever cross everything off - it may be better to write down what i DO - that may surprise me!!!! love all your bits and pieces and the shots of your home!!!! blogging is voyeuristic isn't it? i can't help it xxx

  6. Hi Claire
    What a lovely overview of your day.
    I have worked from home for just under three years now...My Playgroup closed three years ago in July. I missed it at first as I loved it, but now I am so happy doing my own thing at home. I am not one for needing the company of Work friends as long as I get to see my Mum,Sister and friends. I also pop to Zumba twice a week and love that.
    I am at Ford Park Ulverston Saturday for a Craft Fair, hope it's a good one, I have made loads of things to sell, so fingers crossed.

  7. Sounds like my perfect sort of day Claire. I am longing for the day I can finish work altogether! I love your gorgeous makeovers and revamps and coffee and cake with a friend dropping in sounds wonderful.Enjoy your weekXX

  8. It was lovely to see a photo diary of your day. I loved the flower sheets blowing on the line. You certainly work hard on your furniture revamps, they always look wonderful. Oh I did enjoy the sewing bee. I've noticed its being replaced with an allotment program. Will you be watching?
    Take care. Ali xx

  9. I do love seeing your revamps, Claire. I especially like your lampshade. How did you do it? How about a little tutorial? I'm off to the Lakes on Friday - can't wait! Xx

  10. Your painting projects look fantastic. I enjoyed the tour through your day. x

  11. My sort of day! I love being at home on my own. But Mr VTT works from home, so rarely here on my own for very long. I like setting up a project (like painting furniture) then listening to Radio 4 Extra, with a cup of tea :). Abby x

  12. What a lovely day! It was great to spend it with you!! xx

  13. Busy and productive Claire, what more could anyone want. Love your upcycled cupboards! x

  14. I love being at home, I'm a stay at home mum to three so when they are at school and kindy there is always plenty to do. I still get asked "what do you do all day" I always answer with "not much, I just lay on the couch and watch movies all day" xo

  15. It was nice to see an average day in your life Claire :) My dog gives me that same "what about me" look. The pieces you've redone look great! I have some projects that I didn't get finished last summer that I'm anxious to get back to now that our weather is warm again. The little corners of your home look so warm and welcoming. I hope your week is as nice as this day was :) Wendy x

  16. Thanks for the photo diary. I'm surprised there was only one photo of your dog - he/she must be very well disciplined. If I did a photo diary of my day my dogs would be photo-bombing every shot as it doesn't seem to matter what I try to do they are there demanding attention/walk/food/walk/cuddles - and then of course there would be the cats. Still there's always tomorrow :) Philippa xx

  17. Claire this is a beautiful post, you have given me a little bit of inspiration that i gently needed :) have a lovely day. x

  18. Hellooo, Mrs!
    Lovely to see you are keeping busy..
    Ruby always makes me smile :)
    Great piece's here given new life, with a little magic from your paint brush..****
    Thank you Claire for the loveliest card also..
    Hugs Maria x

  19. That sounds like a perfect day to me. I can't wait to retire and then get really busy around the house etc - okay so I am a little jealous now of you xxx

  20. Although I also love my work, for me home is the best place to spend my day.I've enjoyed to read and see how you spend your days and the little cupboard is gorgeous! Enjoy of what's left of this week and have a lovely weekend, Anita xo

  21. looks like a great day, very full! I work shifts and it's very full on and rewarding but I love just being at home. I can't wait to retire :)

  22. How lovely to hear about your day Claire, in my ideal world I'd potter about at home all day,every day tidying and baking - I am lucky enough not to work full time though.

  23. Hi Claire,loved hearing about a typical day,I loved your bed it looked sooo pretty!I've been painting bits of furniture to sell in LA BOHEME but I have to do it on my days off,really wish I could do it for my real job,I love titivating with crafts etc. it would be lovely to go to auctions and vintage fayres buying and selling,maybe if I work hard at my real job for the rest of this year I'll be able to do it soon! Have a lovely weekend ttfn Pam.

  24. I love all your restyles, I noticed the little 'don't let yesterday take up too much of today' quote - it's delightful and should be my motto I think! Lovely chalk paint the colour, would look nice on my rubber wood dresser if I ever get to painting it instead of just talking about it!:) Betty

  25. Hi Claire, I really enjoyed this post and seeing your day. Like you, I love being at home. XX


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