Tuesday, 1 April 2014

April come she will ...

A pinch and a punch, the First of the Month!

I don't really want to be pinching and punching anyone, so I'll just say "White Rabbits" ... Happy April everyone! (How on earth did that happen already?)

I'll be back soon!

Love Claire xxx


  1. I know quarter of the year gone already! & we have sunshine. White Rabbits too xx

  2. Flick, flack take it back...oh that doesn't rhyme with White Rabbits!
    There is a whiff of sun and warmth in the air!
    Best wishes

  3. Yes how did it get to April already.........?
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  4. She will at that Clare.....and a delightful April it looks to be! I can hear a cuckoo and the sun is trying to peek out from among the clouds. Rain is forecast but it is hard to believe.

    keep well

    Amanda x

  5. White Rabbit's to you too Claire. Where has the time gone!

  6. White rabbits to you too!! Here's hoping for a wonderful April!! xx

  7. ~ My goodness..I agree, Mrs!
    Feels only yesterday I was talking about April showers...
    I can't believe just how mild it is also...
    Enjoy this lovely month, Claire..
    With hugs maria x

  8. Hello ! Happy April to you too! I love springtime ...the garden is springing into life and it's so nice to see the days getting longer ...Gail x

  9. A Happy month of April to you as well Claire!

    Madelief x

  10. It is going 'so quickly isn't it? I'm still in shock for not really knowing where February went and now we are in April? I'm so confused! Happy April to you and I hope there were no 'April Fools' going on. xx

  11. It can't really be April yet can it? Always nice to be heading towards better weather though.

  12. Thanks for your comment on mine, Claire. Love your Spring window! He April is good to us all! Abby x

  13. April seems to be full of more promise than March, so I welcome the change of the calendar! I'm looking hard for buds on trees and sprouts in the gardens, but nothing yet. Wendy x

  14. Hello Claire, yes the year is flying by. I do love this time of year though when a walk round the garden every day seems to provide something new to look at.Blossom is everywhere and birdsong at its sweetest. Happy April!

  15. Indeed time flies....happy April Claire!

  16. I am most definitely wondering where the time it going. I can't believe April is already here. I'm sure someone has speeded up the clock : ) I notice you've been very busy. What a great Mum you are bringing Harry's washing home. You deserved a wonderful Mother's Day. Have a lovely week.
    Ali xx

  17. Happy April, Claire! Love the song your title is from :) Have a happy week.
    Helen xox


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