Friday, 14 February 2014

I'm in the mood for love ...

Happy Valentine's Day, my lovelies! Hope you've been pierced by Cupid's arrow ...

As I think I may have already mentioned, me and Steve aren't really into the lovey doveyness of Valentine's Day ... haha, every day is Valentine's in our house, but hey, what better excuse for hearts and flowers abounding, and a Marks & Sparks meal deal?

On a recent jolly to Kendal, I found some lovely old postcards in an antique shop ... ooh, the glamour!

Sorry for the blurry image, but the little girl with evil features and scary doll is saying "There isn't a word (I've looked right frough) that says how much I'm in love wif you!"

This sweet little image comes from an old autograph book I found on my travels - "I ain't nobodys sweetheart yet"

Lurrrve this song!

True love of the highest order - "I love you more than chocolate"!

and in the immortal words of Whitney, "Owl always love you" ...

I hope that the recipients of my customer's orders are pleased with their presents, given with much thought and love ...

I've got a busy day ahead, going to make some 'hearty' soup ...

and a cake for my loved ones ...

take the dog for a walk to the beach ...

and re-organise my cupboards! This is my latest find, I don't have a before picture but believe me, you wouldn't want it spoiling the Valentine's Day loveliness! It was grim ...  I spent the whole day cleaning and painting it. I love it, but it is replacing a closed cupboard which was full to the ginnels of  'stuff' (about ten years worth of Country Living magazine), so if it stays I really need to downsize my belongings!

Google, thank you!

And lastly, I'd just like to say a big THANK YOU to all my lovely blogging friends! It's Thriftwood's second anniversary on 17th February, and I feel that I have made true friends ... the loyalty, friendliness and support I've received has been amazing ... I love to read your kind comments and emails, and look forward to continuing our blogging journey together ...

Well, I'll love you and leave you my darlings, and have a fabulous Valentine's Day!

Love Claire xxx


  1. I like the saying that every day is Valentine's day, at least we should make an effort I think. Have a lovely day with your loved ones, Anita xo

  2. Happy Valentine's, Claire! I love all your fab lovey-dovey things, and your plan for the day sounds good. LOVE that cabinet - you & Annie are a great team!
    Have a happy weekend, stay safe & warm & dry :-)

  3. oh & PS. congrats and happy bloggiversary... here's to many more happy years xx

  4. Ooh of course I had to say it " happy of happiest blog anniversary to you to Mrs"! ~ LOVE is in the air in this lovely post...x I'm a waiting in this morning for Mr Cupids arrow to deliver some thing for me....I wonder what?...hehe..Have a lovely day both of you! and we too are having the Marks and sparks meal tonight...Oh la la..
    Hugs Maria x

  5. Happy Valentines Day Claire, that M and S meal deal sound very tempting. You've certainly been busy. Your customers orders look amazing, I really like the printed names on the bags. Once again I'm really impressed with your painting skills, the cabinet looks amazing. I'm having a magazine and book cull at the moment. I seem to keep a lot of unneccessary stuff. Congratulations on the bloggiversary. Im looking forward to reading many more posts.
    Ali xx

  6. Happy valentines day, your cabinet is very pretty. Betty

  7. Happy Bloggivesary and Valentine's Day.
    Have a Good weekend.

  8. I'm afraid we don't do valentines day either - although Dave obviously worships the ground whereon I walk! I really like your glass cabinet -can I ask what colour you used - we are still in the thinking (twisting his arm) stage with regards the kitchen cupboards and I find it so difficult to decide from a small rectangle on a paint chart - my cupboard overhaul is ongoing - rather disappointingly not much seems to be going to charity at mo BUT the cupboards I've done look so tidy I almost want to take the doors off for a while - happy anniversary to you and the blog - I really enjoy looking out for a post from you - enjoy your meal tonight and have a great weekend xx forgot to add that I also love the way you have wrapped your orders - I'm sure they will love them

    1. Hello Lynne, lovely to see you! The cupboard is painted in Annie Sloan chalk paint, Country Grey ... My current favourite! Hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day too, and thanks for dropping in!

      Love Claire xxx

    2. thanks for that claire - country grey happens to be the one i like because it would go with the worktops (it would be such a faff changing work tops) - our walls are bottle green and i'm not sure it will go with that so still going to have to pop into the shop in bristol that sells the paint to see it for real!!!!! xx

  9. Happy Valentine's Day Claire! Lots of sweet little lovey reminders throughout your home ;) Your new cabinet is so quaint ... love it! I've been purging on and off this past month, which feels good. Now I just need to get a huge delivery to the goodwill store before I start sifting through the piles and change my mind. Happy 2nd anniversary on your blog too! It's been lots of fun chatting with you over the past year. Enjoy your walk on the beach ... Cody & I will be touring our neighbourhood this morning too. I do feel a change in the air this week ... a "softening" and haziness in the air from all the melting snow ... Spring is on her way :) Wendy x

  10. Happy Valentines Claire, congratulations on your Anniversary we obviously all started blogging at the same time mine was on the 11th..I love your little space on here its always a pleasure to pop by and see what you have been up to...I love your new glass cabinet very swish! ..sending you warm hugs my dear friend Thea xx

  11. Happy Valentines Day and Happy Bloggiversary

  12. Hey there Claire. It's Debbie Bennett here. I last saw you at Bardsea and bought a lovely 70's bisque jug from you. How fab that Angie gave me a link to your blog, and I now know you are friendly with the wonderful Suzie Bee (Angie and I have just finished a 6 weeks sewing course on a Thursday morning).
    So hope you will call and see my Blog (yours is gorgeous, love all the hearts you did today).
    As i am not slushy either today is just a card for Chris and me!
    Lovely to "speak"...Debbiexx

  13. Happy Valentines Day and Happy Blogaversary to come!! Lots of celebrating to do in your house in February!! xx

  14. Me again Claire, So great you called by and looked at my Blog.
    Angie and I really enjoyed Suzie's classes. She's so nice and she mentioned you a few times.
    I made a little girl's dress with Strawberry print material (so cute, my Sisters Granddaughter is almost 2 so it's for her) and a matching headband and handbag.

    My Maiden name was McKenna, Ha how could anyone forget me! Loud and Brash!!
    I have calmed alot now and have been married for 29 years and have Eve 22 and Matthew 21 both still at home!
    I have my own craftroom tho' so can nip in there whenever I want. Angie is only 4 doors away from me, and we are very close friends and craft together. I run a meeting of craft ladies who meet one Monday a Month (you are welcome if you are free that day) let me know if you would like to craft with us.
    Lovely to speak again. Debbiex

  15. Liking the look of that cupboard.

    Knitsofacto is 3 in a few days too ... doesn't time fly! Happy Blog Birthday Claire x

  16. Happy blog anniversary Claire! I had to smile in work when people were rushing out to get the M&S meal deals and then Waitrose when they saw the queues!! We are too busy with my son's birthday each year to worry about Valentines Day... hey ho! xx

  17. Hi Claire,a happy bloggiversary to you,I have you on my favourites bar as I love your posts!Thankyou for visiting my blog and making me feel so welcome,It's my one year bloggiversary in April.Your cake looks delightfully mouthwatering.I had a lovely Valentines day.Take care 'bye for now Pam.

  18. Happy Blogging Anniversary Claire. Always lovely to pop into your friendly blog.

  19. Happy Bloggyversary my loverly! Just catching up on favourite blogs - loving that new cupboard but how I empathise with so many back issues of Country Living!!! I hate getting rid of them!

  20. Wishing you a Happy Blog Anniversary, Claire! I always enjoy visiting you here for your friendly posts and to see the wonderful treasures you have found. Love all the sweet Valentine themed pictures today, and your cupboard looks gorgeous, lovely paint colour!
    Helen xox

  21. Happy blog anniversary Claire !! hope you have a lovely weekend...Gail x


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