Friday, 7 February 2014

Bits n pieces ...

Good morning my lovelies! How are we all on this bright February morning? I'm being slightly optimistic there ... it's rather grey and dull at the moment, but it is only 8 am, there's time left to shine ... (I always was a glass half full kind of girl). Could I just take a minute to thank you all for your kind comments on Tuesday, they really mean a lot to me, you know.

We seem to be heading towards Spring if everything in the garden is to be believed ... the snowdrops started the parade, and are now being closely followed by the daffodils, hyacinths and crocuses.  I'm not going to be lulled into a false sense of security though, by this display of showy blooms ... I think winter hasn't had the last word just yet!

I've had a lot of commissions lately for my little hand-sewn pictures, especially as Valentine's Day and Mother's Day are just around the corner, and I have 3 to do this weekend.  I also have a standard lamp to paint and revamp, also for a customer, so things are ticking along nicely and I've got several fairs on my calendar, so I'm going to be very busy, which is what I love! While the weather is bad, I like nothing better than to put some good music on, make a big pot of tea, and settle down either with my paintbrush or needle and thread ... the weather can do its worse, I'm in my little bubble ...

Things that are making me happy this week are ... thrifty finds! My little house, above, came from Tesco ... from the Christmas clearance shelves ... it gives a lovely glow, and I don't think it should be locked away until next Christmas, do you? (It was £2 ... shhh!).

Another good find were these lovely jugs (oooh, Mrs!) which I found in a local charity shop ... they weren't cheap by my usual standards, but I'd sold a lot of pictures that week! They were £8 for the pair, but just look so lovely filled with tulips, and brighten the bleak outlook of my kitchen window.

Before Christmas we decorated the hall ... it was long overdue, and my niece's boyfriend came and painted everywhere a pale cream which really brightened it up.  I still felt something was missing though and on a trip to Harrogate, popped into Cath's shop, and took home a sample of the Garden Birds wallpaper.  I kept telling myself it was too expensive, and not thrifty at all, but I was sent a voucher and got 20% off and free delivery, which wasn't to be sniffed at! I absolutely love it because it has an old, comfortable feel to it, and looks like it's always been there ... which if you know me at all, that is exactly the look I try to achieve! Ruby likes it too ...

My magazines dropping through the door (bought using Tesco clubcards vouchers, naturally) are always a welcome sound ... and look what was featured inside ...

my lovely new wallpaper! I do love it very much ...

What are you all up to this weekend? I do love to know, you know! I'll be catching up with you all in my teabreaks ...

Lots of love, Claire xxx


  1. Oh Claire, I'm trying to suppress squeals of delight at your wallpaper (I'm at work you see). It's gorgeous. I only wish I'd known about it before I splashed out on some expensive bird wallpaper from Pips Studio for our dining room. Oh well never mind...Love the house and I agree that it's far too lovely to have just at Xmas. xx

  2. Hello Claire, Gosh you are so busy at the moment. I absolutely love your wallpaper, it's looks perfect on the stairs. And what lovely bargains, you definitely can't put your lantern away. It will look wonderful lighting up a room in the evening. I am very jealous seeing your Country Living magazines. I also buy mine with my tesco vouchers. I needed to renew my subscription and when I logged onto Tesco they are now just doing email subscriptions, don't fancy that. I am hoping to get back to blogging this weekend, fingers crossed.
    Ali x

  3. Lovely finds - I really like the jugs - v pretty. The wallpaper's pretty too - and looks just right on your stairs. Good that you've got lots of work on - I always think it's better to be busy! Have a good weekend. X

  4. Your new wallpaper is lovely Claire, and how funny that it was featured in the magazine - you must be a trend setter!! I too hope that spring will come, while it is not too grey today I am hoping to get out and take some photos of the snowdrops which are always such a welcome sight, and I am so glad that they come back each year. Hope that you have a good weekend. xx

  5. The wall paper is lovely and so is your little house. I shall be spending Saturday watching the rugby whilst doing my crochet I think.

  6. Hi Claire, love the wallpaper ... I noticed the country living article when my mag dropped through the door the other day... it's always exciting to have a mag delivered ...makes me feel quite spoiled ! read your last post... sending kisses for you .....have a nice weekend...Gail x

  7. well what lovely wallpaper - it's given me an idea - we had our hall, stairs and landing decorated a couple of years ago - the first time we hadn't done the job ourselves but it was too daunting a job for my husband - it cost a lot of money and if i was to be honest i've never really liked it BUT now you've given me an idea to wallpaper the bit under the dado rail - it wouldn't be too late would it? it may take me some time to convince dave though - he's still recovering from last weeks idea to paint our kitchen cupboards with chalk paint (there is nothing wrong with them except they are dated!!!) we have just returned from a trip "up north" after 18months of trying, my son and his family have finally moved house so we will be "resting" this weekend - maybe catching up on telly etc but generally taking it easy - hope you have a good weekend and take care xx

  8. The wallpaper is lovely, I want part of my bedroom papered in it but trying to convince the other half is proving to be rather difficult.

  9. Lovely wallpaper, you always find such pretty things. Your little pictures are sweet and must be nice to sew, especially for commissions. I hope you have a lovely weekend, Claire.
    Helen xox

  10. I loved the paper too when I saw it in CL I said "Wow!" I am now wondering where I could have it my home!! Loved all your buys and I too have Snowdrops and little daffy bulbs peeping through,I LOVE Spring.I am off to La Boheme at the weekend for a tidy up and to see what has sold.Wishing you a happy weekend ttfn Pam.

  11. P.S did you see BBC2 interior design competition,as soon as I saw Sarah Moore I knew she'd win,I ADORE her style it's soooo me!!

  12. You are in the midst of wonderful creative projects, Claire...and I especially like your wallpaper by the stairs...a clever and thrifty idea! I just poured a pot of tea and have my knitting at the ready while we get more of the snow I just posted about :) Happy Weekend to you and yours! xx

  13. Great finds,you seem to have a knack of finding NICE bits .....I mean I quite love those jugs and I don't think 8 pounds was too much for the pair at all.
    How good to here that business is going well for you and that you even have commissions....wonderful!I I'll join in with what everyone is saying here too ....pretty nice wallpaper!.

    keep well

    Amanda xx

  14. I saw this wallpaper too and love it - I think a small amount goes a long way and you have put it in a place where it is going to get maximum impact! Sometimes a little bit of luxury is worth it when it stretches this far! Betty

  15. Hi Claire,

    Your hall/staircase looks beautiful! You chose some pretty wallpaper. Your post made me realise I have to paint the staircase as well....Perhaps I will follow your example and add some wallpaper to the sides too.

    Wishing you a happy weekend!

    Madelief x

  16. I love love love that wallpaper Claire! Looks very pretty on your staircase.I'm thinking ours needs a revamp......

  17. Your stairway does look "comfortable" and very, very pretty! Ruby is a good photo prop ;) We've had a nice weekend ... sunshine all Saturday, bit more snow on Sunday ... so still no blooms even thinking of coming up yet! I've been knitting cotton yarn hearts through the weekend (just a few), and left one on my dad's door, which he sort of scoffed at, but I think he really likes that I make him these little things ;) Time for tea I think Claire! Shall I make us some cookies to share? Wendy x

  18. Phew, here at long last...Awww I have a big soft spot for your new wall paper, Mrs Thriftwood...( you've been thinking of decorating I know for a little while) It's gorgeous I bet you feel chuffed.....LOVE Ruby as always in your pretty pictures! She adds her charm as always...Like you I'm relishing in all that is spring time....Tis a lovely time of year just around our corner....
    With twinkly hugs ******
    Maria x

  19. Hi Claire....Spring is going to be extra welcome this year, isn't it?...Your thrifty finds are all gorgeous and I'm definitely in love with your new wallpaper!
    Tesco vouchers are great for magazines although I don't need any more encouragement...I just can't seem to resist :-)
    Hope you're having a good week,
    Susan x


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