Wednesday, 28 August 2013

We're buying and selling your history ...

Just a quick one today, my lovelies, to let you all know of an amazing pop-up shop in Ulverston ... 

Sat & Sun, 7 & 8 September
The Vintage Village Hall
@ the old Stead & Simpson's Shop
Ulverston, Cumbria

Me and Millie will be there on the Saturday with a stall brimming with vintage loveliness ... on Sunday I will be on my way to Salford, taking Harry to University, sobbing in my lace-trimmed hankie ... nooo, I must be strong!!

I helped to put the window display together last week with a lovely team of ladies, which I must add was no mean feat, as the access to the window was about 6" wide, which is why my lovely upcycled standard lamp and chair do not feature ... Everything in the window is up for grabs, the clothes, the bunting, furniture, records and beautiful, authentic vintage china and textiles.

It would be wonderful if any of you could make it, it as the Charter Festival celebrations will be underway at Ulverston, and there will be lots going on in the town ... Violet's is literally a stone's throw away, so tea and cake will also be on the agenda!

Hope to see you there ...

Love, Claire xxx


  1. Oh the window looks just beautiful wish I was there

  2. But that dress - aaaah 'tis beautiful! Wish I was able to make it but I'm sure it will go well. Will be thinking of you on your way to Salford - don't be afraid to sob in an extremely unladylike fashion! Jane x

  3. The window looks absolutely wonderful and the dress is stunning. I hope it all goes really well. My daughter's in her final year at Salford and loves it so don't worry too much about Harry. I think they get on really well, it's us Mum's that do all the worrying. Will be thinking of you. Hope you won't be needing too many hankies.
    Ali x

  4. just to say i wish i lived closer to be able to take a look - doesn't the window look lovely and inviting? i hope it goes well on sunday with the university run - i remember leaving both my sons - it broke my heart both times and i cried all the way home from sheffield for oldest son and then two years later manchester for my youngest ....... i felt so empty and redundant but 12 years on i am getting on with what's left of my life - ooh err sounds dramatic!!! i did my job and brought them up - i tried to make them polite decent people - you just have to let them go - both became fathers for the first time this year so we are entering a very different era - i have to say that my sons never returned home to live in keynsham - i often wonder how different life would be if they had met local girls, not gone to uni etc BUT it is how it is and i'm grateful for what i have!!!! i know you have lots of children so you've probably done this before and you don't need me to tell you but try to be positive he is about to start a new adventure and then sob all the way home of course!!!!! xxx

  5. How lovely, would love to visit if I was local, i spy a birdy apron thingy in the window that I would definitely snap up! I do have a distant memory of Ulverston when as an eight year old and was put on the wrong long distance coach to go home from my grannys and headed for Ulverston instead of Olveston!

  6. Looks lovely! Have a wonderful time and good luck with the dropoff at university. :)

  7. Wish I could come! Looks amazing. Hope it goes well. xxx

  8. Claire it looks wonderful, I just know your will have a fab day,
    Good luck with the Uni trip, I know just how you feel
    Thinking of you
    Thea xx

  9. Wish I could come along Claire but I'm going to be on my holidays. I hope you have a wonderful event and sell up!
    Good luck dropping your son off, been there, done that and sobbed my eyes out!!

  10. The window display looks gorgeous, I wish I lived closer, hope it goes well. Good luck for the Salford trip too I maybe (fingers crossed) doing the same thing with number 1 son this time next year.

  11. Oh to live closer to Ulverston! It looks fab - have fun on Sat with Millie and don't be sad on Sun, just be proud of raising a clever and independent young man - but do feel free to sob too, it's a mama's privilege :-)
    Hugs xx

  12. Hi Claire looks gorgeous, Ulverston's shops have certainly changed since I lived up that way! We'll be busy on the market on 7th Sep. it's Bridport's Hat Festival. Have a good trip to Salford. Julie xxx

  13. oh the window looks amazing.
    nice blog you got

  14. Other end of the country from me alas but the window looks lovely and oh that dress!!

    I remember when my son left home I was distraught - but then I revelled in the extra space in the house ;-) xx

  15. Just a bit too far for me which is a real shame! I hope all goes well I am sure it will be a great success! xx

  16. Good luck on Saturday Claire! Have fun! Wish I could pop over, but it's a bit too far away :-)

    Madelief x

  17. Oooh I'd love to come to this but it's about a trillion miles away from me.
    Good luck with it and enjoy it. It all looks fab!

  18. the window display looks fab Claire !! have a lovely weekend !
    Gail x

  19. We're all at a wedding that weekend or I'd have come along with Sally. Hope you get lots of sales :)

  20. Great window display Claire! It makes me want to just take a peek inside for a minute. Good luck with your stall on Saturday. Be brave when you drop of Harry ... and don't cry in front of him!! Wait till you're safely back in the car before you let go the floodgates of tears. Poor Claire ... I'll be thinking of you because I'm dropping my daughter off at university on Tuesday :( (please pass the lace-trimmed hankie). Wendy xox

  21. Jack, our youngest third 'baby' had a laugh when we dropped him off at university for the first time. "See you soon and don't put a sewing machine in my room" he smiled. When we phoned him later on - to make sure he hadn't starved or anything - he said "How long, then Mum?" - I replied "Under an hour" - that's how long it took to rig up my sewing machine in his room! They're fine - they've worked for it and got to where they want to go - we're still important there in the background, providing an ear when their phone has credit, and food when they come home. Enjoy your pop-up shop - looking good and don't worry - now's the time for us to have fun again too!

  22. Hi Claire, and thanks for the message on the blog. I am still blogging with my book review blog, but the other is being put on the back burner, only to be posted in very occasionally. Not fed up at all, not in my nature, but the surgery is pretty invasive though nowhere near as major as the transplant I had in '86. But... with a general and my other health issues, there is always a worry at the back of my mind, that I am not going to put into words here. And it's the wait, anytime in the next two months or so. But looking forward to autumn, crispy leaves underfoot for the walk in the woods occasionally, and all the other comforting things that go with that season.
    Take care and hope Ulverston was successful x

  23. The window looks lovely, and I hope you did really well and sold a lot! Hope the uni drop off wasn't too upsetting.....wonderful that Harry is going there and he will have a great time!
    Helen x

  24. Oh my what a super display you have done there Claire (no rhyme intended) - I hope that it all goes amazingly well for you all.

    Try not to sob too much...roots and wings are what you have given your children (she said oh so wisely!!)

    Best wishes
    PS: Also remembered that my mum made Floppity Jane for me....

  25. I hope it was a wonderful weekend for you. Lizzie x

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