Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Ch-ch-ch-changes ...

It's getting to that time of year again my lovelies, the time that I always start to feel queasy about ... September and the beginning of Autumn.  I love the colours of  Autumn, and once it's in full swing, even celebrate its loveliness ... but it's this bit ... nights starting to draw in, that 'back to school' feeling, changes in the air ... they fill me with a feeling of dread and melancholy that I don't really understand.

I don't want to depress anyone, or have you all feeling sorry for me ... other people have these feelings about Christmas, and even Summer, it's just a fact of life with me, that I always feel like this towards the end of August, and then it leaves me as quickly as it arrived ... after the changes.

We had great news and celebrations last week! Harry was accepted at his first choice of University, Salford, to study Physics, so he will be starting his big adventure in the big wide world in about 3 weeks time ...

Millie has now left school and is waiting for her GCSE results, and is starting at 6th Form College also in September.

I find it so hard to believe that my two youngest are now young adults ... it doesn't seem like 5 minutes since they were playing together. More flutterings in the nest ... something that is happening all over the country at this time ...

Moving on to something completely different ... I found a bright orange, pine shelf at the car boot sale and thought the perfect place for it to go would be above our bed.  I got the Annie Sloan Old Ochre out and you can see the finished product above ...

Of course that then made our bed look shabby, so that had to be dismantled and also given the AS treatment.  Luckily it was a bright, sunny day, so I painted in the garden and it was back in situ within a couple of hours. I'm really pleased with its new look!

Lurking in my workroom was another bright orange nightmare ... a set of drawers that I though would be perfect as a bedside table ... you can see the orange of the inside in this picture ...

While waiting for the paint to dry (not long in this case) I popped onto Facebook, where a local seller had a beautiful granny square blanket for sale.  I quickly contacted her, as things like that don't hang around for long ... when I arrived at her house she turned out to be a lady I have bought from often at one of my Sunday car boot sales ...

The work that has gone into this is immense, and I can't imagine how much the wool would have cost as it has 168 squares! After a quick wash and freshen up with Lavender and Camomile Comfort, I took great pleasure in watching it dry in the sun, impatient to take it to its new home ...

I will just give you a little rundown of my bedroom makeover ... it has not been painted or decorated for 5 years, but just with a bit of tweaking and an afternoon's work, I feel that I've got a new room!

Shelf  - car boot sale - £3
Cupboard - charity shop - £7
Blanket - Facebook selling page £15
Bed - old one I already had
Paint - dregs of 2 tins lurking in cupboard

I've never been one to completely change a room - whenever I decorate I look forward to putting my old stuff back in - even when  I moved house, I visualised how the existing furniture and accessories would look in my new home.  I like it to evolve, with different things here and there, constantly changing, but forever staying the same ... Putting things in different rooms seems to give them a new lease of life too, as you see them with a new eye when they're placed in different surroundings.

I've just discovered a great site (is that what you call it?) on Instagram, for those of you who subscribe to this amazing time-guzzling social network.  Polargram (wearepolargram if you want to follow them) develop your favourite Instagram pictures ... they look like Polaroids ...and send them to you very quickly (mine arrived within 2 days).  The cost is £5 for 12, £7 for 25 and free post and packing.  I have not been sponsored by them to advertise their product, I just thought I'd like to share a great service with you.  Think I may use them as price tags on my furniture ...

That's all for now my lovelies, as I have to go to town to buy duvets, pillows, pots and pans, etc ... I'm giving Harry cookery lessons too, and lectures on 'how to eat well on a thrifty budget' ... Hettie Brown would be so proud of me ...

Have a wonderful week, won't you?

Love, Claire xxx


  1. Hi Sweetheart, yep feeling those changes too.....I'm so enjoying Summer '13 I'm clinging on for dear life! But you know what, once I get my head around it I'll jump into Autumn head on....full blown immersion! I'll revel in the colours, the changes in the weather, darker cosier nights.....but for now Summer '13 it is!
    Great finds there, your budget makeovers are always inspiring! :) x

  2. Lovely make-over Claire, and I can't believe you've only paid 15 pond for that blanket...wauw...I'm making a blanket of my own and all the work that has gotten into it...and the money..happy for you that you got such a good bargain :)
    I really recognize the feeling you have going to september, I've just done my garden and yes...the decline has begun...
    I want to keep a hold on the summer as long a possible...then the turneround will be real short for me ;)

    Love, MJ xxx

  3. I know exactly what you mean, February is my nemesis. That's a beautiful, frugal makeover of your bedroom you have accomplished.

  4. ~ Feeling it too Mrs Thriftwood......As you know! I want to bottle up summer 2013 and keep for always....LOVE this post, even with a touch of that melancholy that we both share....LOVE the granny blanket! the colours are wonderful! hugs and summer kisses *** Maria x

  5. Yes, Claire, I know exactly what you mean about the nights drawing in and a little nip in the air. I'm not a fan of autumn or winter at all. Oh well... Fabulous bedroom makeover. I can't believe it took you so little time. I really must get started on painting and wallpapering our dining room. The blankie is a stunner. xx

  6. You're a true inspiration Claire!! Love the look of your bedroom ... but you forgot the 'before' photos! Funny how the entire process evolved from one little orange pine shelf ;) I've been sanding down wooden chairs for my daughter to take back to university ... and thinking 'Claire would be so proud!'. I'll post photos should I ever get them all done. Congratulations to your Harry ... wonderful that he got in his first choice. I worry how my daughter's going to eat as well. Last year she was on a meal plan, this year she's cooking for herself (and I've neglected basic cooking training with her). I found a great book "Clueless in the Kitchen" which has heaps of tips for kids just leaving home and don't know how to boil water. It's going along with her! We're having another burst of hot summer weather, but the leaves are already tinged with red here and there. I only dread the school part of fall ... worrying about my kids will never end. Anyway, I've rambled on enough ... have a great week, try not to fret about the changes and enjoy helping your son settle into his new home. (I've secretly been quite enjoying thrift shopping for my daughter for things for her place!). Take care, Wendy xox

  7. Sshhh, I'm an autumn/winter baby and love this time of year as the nights start drawing in... sorry! However I need it to be a little sunny for the next couple of weeks to start emptying out the linen cupboards and blanket boxes to start freshening up the throws etc before the damp weather begins. Hmmm, fires, slippers and cosy coats - yummy! xx

  8. Congratulations to both of your children. I love your bedroom makeover, everything looks beautiful and so cozy and sweet.

  9. Your bedroom makeover is wonderful, it looks so lovely! Love the pretty wallpaper, the gorgeous bed and that crochet blanket was a fantastic bargain! Congratulations to your children beginning the next chapter of their education. I know what you mean about autumn being nearly here....I'm trying to hold on to summer for a couple more weeks!
    Helen x

  10. How exciting for your son and daughter ... they must make you proud! And love the makeover ... the blanket is a beauty ... Bee xx

  11. Oh yes, I get that same feeling of dread about this time. I can feel that nip in the air and almost smell autumn on it's way. It makes my tummy flip and I feel a bit panicky and sick. Like you say though, it goes and then I love Autumn. I think I just dread the darkness, and then the cold greyness of January...urghhh I feel ill thinking about it.
    Your bedroom looks so lovely. I think I need to take a leaf out of your book and spruce up mine, it feels rather sad and functional atm.

  12. Congratulations to your son on his university place! Also fingers crossed for your daughter with her results this week! Doesn't seem long since my boys were waiting for their results. I love autumn, dont mind the dark nights so much other than my eyesight isnt brilliant in the dark.It's the cosiness and the snuggling down on cold dark evenings that I love most.
    Really love what you have done in your bedroom Claire. I must try some of the AS paint, not sure where our nearest supplier would be but everyone swears its a marvel! I have lots of things I would like to transform with paint but its the time factor for me.I understand AS is brilliant, no faffing around, just paint it and leave to dry? Sounds magic to me!

  13. Oh Claire lots going on Honey, for you, but you will be fine...sending you a hug and your thrifty finds are lovely xx have you tried St johns Wort it has helped me in the past get through a down time xxxx

  14. I know that feeling too, and this year will be feeling it more just like you as oldest boy heads off to Uni and the balance in our home shifts more than usual. Your room makeover is lovely and what a great find your granny square blanket was! Betty

  15. Well, ever the odd one out.... when my two sons left home back in the early 90s, it was a cause for celebration all round! They were glad to get their own places, to be independent and so on, and we two left at home were glad of the time to ourselves, never having had it before, since I was a young widow with two small boys, one of four and one eighteen months, when we met and married.

  16. This is just a lovely, lovely post - your makeovers are fab, and even though change can be hard sometimes, you can embrace that your children are growing up beautifully and learning all that life offers from the best source possible - you.
    Good luck for Millie's results today and wishing her & Harry all the very best for their new adventures ahead :-)

  17. Such an interesting post Claire! First of all congratulations to your son for getting into University and good luck to Millie; hope she gets top marks.

    That's funny I always feel the same towards the end of August. I'm mostly ok the rest of the year but after my summer break I seem to get what I call post holidays depression. It is a stiff upward climb to adapt again to a new academic year,working all hours and constant multi-tasking. There is a part of me that bulks at it and wishes to emigrate. Once I am well into the routine I seem to settle but I get the end of August blues more and more these last few years. I often wonder in my case if it is something to do with the menopause.

    What a gorgeous makeover and everything done so economically. I am impressed and also amazed at that blanket for 15!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  18. oh I know what you mean Claire .. it's always so sad to say goodbye to summer ! for me it is the darkness that I hate .... I just love the long light days in the summer me that's more important than the heat..... Love your blanket ...too nice !! have a nice weekend ...Gail x

  19. Hello Claire
    I know just how you feel, it is the change in the season that makes us feel this way, and then as you say it disappears just as quick,
    congrats to you son and daughter, they will always be your babies... I love your bedroom makeover Claire, just shows what a splash of paint and some creative thinking can do
    Happy Weekend
    Thea xx

  20. Is it that time already? Not ready for it to change either; this summer has been so good for so many people, I'd really like it to last just a little longer....October?
    In some respects September always feels like the end of the year and the beginning of a new one. Time to plant some bulbs I think!
    P xx

  21. Well done Harry!

    Lovely makeover Claire :) I can't seem to get the hang of using AS ... I'm sure it's not meant to be lumpy!

  22. I'm late to this post, still catching up on blogs after holidays. Your boy will go a week before mine, we're doing the Manchester run on the 14th. It is a strange mix of emotions isn't it?
    Meanwhile, I love your room makeover, it looks fabulous and for such a small outlay, too!

  23. I don't believe it Claire - you have articulated my feelings about this time of year so perfectly. Trust me, you are not alone.

    I do love your makeover and that blanket is gorgeous. I'm a great one for changing things around reasonably regularly - I find it almost therapeutic!

    Heather x

  24. Hello lovely Claire,

    I've been having a lovely catch-up on all of your recent Posts. So many things happening in your world! Congratulations to your boy, such wonderful news! And I absolutely love your makeover - looks fab :-) Mel x


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