Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Reasons to be cheerful ....

Hello there! The sun's shining, the birds are singing and flying around with bits of twigs and fluff in their beaks, busy with their nest building.  Was just counting my blessings when there is so much grief and sadness in the world, and thought I'd share the things that are making me smile ...

I had a Vintage Fair on Sunday, it was a lovely day meeting old friends and I had a bit of a change around on my stall to try and make it look a bit fresh (pity that everyone wanted to buy the props that weren't for sale!)

 My workroom! This is just the window, the one part that is ready, but watch this space, we are getting there slowly ...

 Lovely treasure that I've stumbled upon ... I love this Boddington's ad and think it may go in my workroom, because it makes me smile!

This handsome chap came home with me, and I think he's a keeper too. Sorry about the size of my pics ... I've downloaded them from Instagram and they seem to be sized differently.  You may be able to see them differently than me, but I don't know how to enlarge them ... answers on a postcard please!

Fantastic roller skates! Lots of people looked at them at the Fair, but more to reminisce than anything else ... stories about siblings sharing the skates and wearing one each or patiently waiting until it was their turn to wear both!

Remember The Pogle's? I'd never seen anything Pogle related until I found this plate ... it's done well to survive since the 60's (bit like me) ...

Little bit of upcycling (the coffee set is absolutely beautiful, all shiny and full of lustre: I couldn't think of an adjective for lustre, lustreful?)

An upcycled cupboard, painted first in  Annie Sloan Provence, then covered in Antoinette on the outside, distressed so that the blue shows through ... Cath wallpaper lining the door (a marriage made in HEAVEN!)

Teacup trifles! So simple but effective ... I made these when the lovely Rosey Maria came for lunch last week.

Little makes for friend's birthdays ... and of course the lovely friends themselves!

This delightful cushion came to me from Dotcomgiftshop.  I don't usually advertise, apart to show you what I've bought, but they got in touch with me to ask if they could show one of my upcycled cupboards on their own blog.  I was very flattered that such a well known company had noticed me, so of course said yes.  They gave me a discount code to use in the future, (which will be handy as I do usually buy from their sales) and asked if there was anything I would like to review and they would send it to me.

 I had had my eye on this cushion for a while so asked if I could please have that.  It is really very sweet and at only £9.95, a very reasonable buy.  I didn't read the description properly (as usual!) and thought it was full sized, but it is a small cushion and would be lovely for pinning brooches on, or for a child's bed grouped with other cushions. I keep it on a shelf and it is very at home there, and receives lots of admiring comments. It is very detailed with each feature stitched on separately and further decorated with flowers and buttons.  It is backed in the same dotty fabric as the sky.  Very pretty and recommended by me!

I'd just like to say that my family are my main reason to be cheerful, but as they don't particularly want to appear here, I'll just give them a mention!

That's all for now, do you have any reasons to be cheerful that you'd like to share?

Love, Claire xxx


  1. hi there, love your post. yes, its very important to take the time to name and delight in the things in this world that make us smile!!!! mezz xxxx

  2. YEY a big one...Having you as a fiend! haha...LOVE those tea cup trifles..I have tried to make the picture larger so I can have another ogle.. ~ Because they didn't hang around for too long, Mrs Thriftwood! Did they? LOVE LOVE and LOVE some more that Stanley doggie ornament!~ Ooh and Tonight is the final of the Sewing I will bee happy watching this! and not because it is the last one either.....:( Have a Tuesday as lovely as you are...I have just popped a Primrose in a Black treacle tin and thought of YOU ! haha...See you the first Tuesday we can! Love Rosey Maria x

  3. What a lovely happy and grateful post. Glad you had a good day at the fair ... I always have the same problem ... people wanting to buy my shelves and wooden crates that are my 'props'! Hope the rest of your week is happy. M x

  4. Lovely post - but the teacup trifles did it for me - what a fab idea:) x

  5. Ah, what a lot of lover-lies! I made a pudding in teacups a while back and they did look rather enticing, though I can't for the life of me think what they were! But trifle would be a fab idea, because it is my absolute favourite! Glad you had a good time at the fair - I haven't done one for ages, but have one on Saturday! I love the dotcomgiftshop cushion - I've used them in the past and always had great service, so it's nice to know they are very 'human' if you know what I mean. Hope the sun is shining for you - another thing to smile about!

  6. So many blessings and so much loveliness in one post! I do love that idea of trifle in a cup - may need to try that out one day soon :-)
    Have a happy week, Claire.

  7. I like that Boddingtons ad too, fab design! :) x

  8. Such a thoughtful and lovely post Claire..
    your workroom sounds like an exciting project..
    then to be approached by a company about your talents ..well you must be so chuffed
    Happy Tuesday
    Thea x

  9. Lovely, lovely little bedside cupboard x.
    Reasons to be cheerful?? Sunshine and BBQs!!

  10. Hi Claire,seeing and feeling the suns warmth,my reason to be cheerful!Teacup trifles yum must try those!@bye for now Pam.

  11. Such a lovely Post Claire. We have been on the road and out of range for almost 6 days now and you can imagine how it felt when I logged onto the laptop to read what's been happening in the world......So nice to be cheered up with all your lovely things here.Love your up-cycled cupboard! Mel x

  12. Reading your post has made me cheerful! I remember I had some roller skates like the ones you posted and of course I remember the Pogles!! My brother Paul used to love them when he was little and I remember watching it with him.

  13. There are always things to make us smile :) I'm sure I had those roller skates! And yes I had to share with my sister :( x

  14. This is a lovely post. We need reasons to be cheerful when the world feels like such a grim place, thanks for sharing yours. The cupboard is lovely, and the trifle in a tea cup - what a good idea! x

  15. Hi Claire,

    You have shared such a beautiful post and always great to have reasons to be cheerful and happy.
    Loved seeing all your gorgeous photos and treasures - the little pink cupboard is so lovely.
    Also enjoyed seeing a little sneak peek of your workroom - will be a fun project to work on.
    Hope that you are having a lovely week

  16. A lovely cheerful and happy post. Perfect for someone reading with the dreaded lurgy! Thank you for the tonic. Chel x

  17. The news lately has been a bit upsetting lately hasn't it! I've just been out in the yard photographing some 'happy' things for next week. I love this post of yours with all the goodies you've picked up ... and of course your pretty little cupboards :) Lots to be thankful for.

    Re Photos: If you go back into your post to edit, left click on the photo (turns it blue) and just below or above the photo a line of choices appears; the first choices are for size of photo (small, medium ... x-large); click on the size you want; save your post. I don't know if it'll work with instagram, but I don't see why not.

    Anyway, I'm bogged down in tax time for the rest of this week, and hope to be back to better blogging next week!! (HATE tax time). Enjoy the rest of your day & week Claire ... Wendy :D

    PS loved the teacup trifle idea!

  18. Hi Claire the tea cup trifles ...what a great idea. How lovely that dotcom got in touch with you what a marvellous compliment !! hope you have a nice weekend..Gail x

  19. Your business is going from strength to strength Claire - good for you. I used to love the Boddingtons' adverts - I am also fond of a pint of bitter!
    Best wishes

  20. Your post managed to cheer me up as well Claire. Great finds. Love the advert and the little black dog. The present for your friend looks very sweet.

    Happy weekend,

    Madelief x

  21. What a lovely happy post with lots of lovely things to look at. I'd forgotten all about the Pogles, must be my age :)
    It's wonderful to see that your craft room is coming along. Hope you have a lovely weekend.
    Ali x

  22. Hello Claire, What a lovely post with all your found treasures. It sounds like you live in the most beautiful place by the sea. The tea cup trifle looks like it would taste very very good.. I wish you a Happy weekend. I am your newest follower.. Hugs Judy

  23. Trifles in teacups - lovely idea! I planted some little violets in pretty teacups yesterday for a sale I was doing. Hope you're having a good weekend. Abby x


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