Tuesday, 30 April 2013

All I want is a room somewhere ....

Oh, what a beautiful morning! Today, as I approached 'my' beach, I had one of those heart-swelling moments of happiness, that this is on my doorstep, free to enjoy whenever I like ... how lucky am I?

 I don't know about you, but I could sit for hours, sifting through pebbles, at first glance they look alike, but up close and personal, there are so many different colours, shapes and sizes ... I wish they could talk, what tales they could tell ...

There seems to be a lot of yellow around at the moment too ... a very welcome antidote to the greyness we've been experiencing lately! The gorse is in full bloom, and I spotted lots of sunny dandelions, wild daffodils and celandines too.

Something else that I always welcome, is my Country Living magazine popping through the front door! Always a lovely read, it never disappoints and provides me with lots of inspiration.

A lovely friend treated me to Molly Makes and Steve got me the new Reloved magazine, as I had been dropping hints.  It is a lovely magazine, very aesthetically pleasing, but when I sat down to read it properly was quite disappointed to find that a lot of the projects had already appeared elsewhere, so I have them in books which I have already paid good money for.  Felt a bit cheated, really! However, there are other ideas which were new, but I don't think I'll be a regular customer. What do you all think?

I couldn't resist this Pippi Longstocking book, when I spied it whilst out treasure hunting.  I devoured Pippi books as a child, and Pippi in the South Seas was a favourite.

This cheeky chap appealed to me too, I think I might keep him! Eyeing up the girls while dragging on a fag ... probably a Gauloise, as it definitely has a French feel to it ...

These ladies caught my eye too, as they looked so cheerful! Must say though that inflation has reached an all-time high, as when this was published pre-decimalisation, it was priced as 6d, which is 2.5p in new money.  I was charged a whole ten bob (50p ... for you youngsters who don't know what I'm blathering on about) ... I could have bought 20 patterns for that in the old days (correct me if I'm wrong ... Maths never was my strong point).

Remember my workroom renovations ... I'm ready for the big reveal! I found a roll of wallpaper which was just enough to cover one wall (it looks a bit much, but it's over the workbench, so only half a wall really).

It features all my favourite flowers in one go! Roses, tulips, hyacinths, primroses and lots of other UFO's (unidentified flower others)

The focal point as you entered the room was a radiator, so decided I needed a radiator cover ... the one I wanted was £75!! I wasn't paying that, being thrifty (not tight, thrifty) but on closer inspection, if I bought an identical, unpainted one, it was £24! That was more like it, as I was painting it anyway.

On my travels I found this very old, warped, broken and splintered cupboard, but I knew it would be perfect to go over the radiator ... for £10, including delivery, I couldn't not, could I?

This is a rubbish picture as the sun was so bright, but this is another cupboard which was filthy and had been there for over a year ... £20!

This is the cupboard and radiator, after painting with Annie Sloan Antoinette ...

and lined with my favourite 'vintage' London wallpaper!

The corner cupboard is painted in AS Country Grey, and again lined with the London paper. I'm very pleased with how they've turned out ...

A home for some of my craft books ....

 I had great fun 'titivating' with all my sewing bits and bobs.  I really need to learn to sew ... I can't even thread a needle, but I'm determined and hoping to start lessons soon.

Old Sylkos ... reminds me of my lovely Mam, who sat at her sewing machine ever day, making curtains for a department store ...

Packets of press studs and hooks and eyes.

My little window, with a table to sit at and gaze at the view! I'm really pleased with my workroom, especially as it has cost less than £50, because everything other than the furniture, I already had.

Need to love you and leave you now my lovelies, just going treasure hunting for a high stool to sit at my bench, and a cupboard for my fabric stash and wool! 

Whatever you do this week, have fun!

Love Claire xxx


  1. ~ Tis beautiful, Mrs Thriftwood...And I do want to see more...LOVE the cupboard! and the wall paper....YOU will be in there all your days now! Making and creating! ~ Do come out soon and come for tea with me ~ Please and thank you! How about next week! Tuesday be the day! haha..Rosey Maria x

  2. Dear Claire,

    I adore going to the beach too, something so peaceful and lovely.
    Your new work room is gorgeous and love everything about it and hope you enjoy your special new place.

    Enjoy the week

  3. I marvel at how you get so much done, love the new cupboard.

  4. magazines are horridly expensive over here so I have begun treating myself to homemaker mag once a month only. I used to get more mags, now sadly they are just too costly! you did a great job with the corner cabinet too!

  5. Your workroom looks great - well done on all your recycled furniture. I love Country Living too - I've subscribed for years. And I agree about Reloved - I picked it up to buy in WHS, then noticed that I'd already seen quite a bit of it elsewhere. Mags are so expensive now, but I love them. Have a good week, in your new room! Abby x

  6. What a beautiful workroom! I love that wallpaper, and all your lovely recycled furniture really shines. I can't believe you did the whole thing for £50, that's amazing! x

  7. I never buy magazines they are so overpriced. I'd rather buy a book or read blogs. The work room is fabby and such a bargain ... Sarah x

  8. Ooo what a lovely post, first by the sea then a lovely make over project! All my favourite things.

    And what bargins you have found love the units and they look so lovely now they are painted. And its funny how much cheaper things are if you are prepared to put in a bit of work yourself! It all looks like a beautiful room to learn to sew in!

    P x

  9. Your work room is gorgeous, you've worked wonders with the cabinets. A lovely space to spend time in.

  10. You ARE so lucky to have the beach on your doorstep (a definite downside to us Midlanders!). I love how you've upcycled the radiator cover and cupboards - it's amazing how different they look. I bought my very first pot of Annie Sloan (Original) this afternoon and can't wait to start some projects.. thanks for the inspiration!
    Wishing you a fab week too,

  11. The've done a great job on that cupboard! I've just picked up a fantastic 1930/40s dressing table from one of the CS in town, it's a fantastic shape. I'd love to see Mr Beas face when he picks it up needs lots of TLC and a little Vintage Sheet magic! He will think I'm MAD!!! :) x

  12. Really enjoyed reading your blog today Claire, you've done a great job transforming your workroom. x

  13. Really enjoyed reading your blog this week Claire, you've done a great job on renovating your room! x

  14. Hello Claire
    Your beach is very special, It must be lovely to sit and listen to the waves and feel the wind...

    You have worked some beautiful magic on your new little craft room, I love your cupboards, what a transformation
    Happy Week my friend
    Thea x

  15. How wonderful to live in a place that you appreciate so much - I'm always telling my girls just how lucky we are but I think they would both rather be living in the thick of it somewhere - one day they'll look back and sigh! Mind you with that lovely craft room I'm surprised you go out at all! I'm a new convert to Annie Sloan - isn't she / it fab?! Jane x

  16. Yes you are very lucky to have that beach on your doorstep! I can't imagine not living near the coast.
    Wow - you know you're never going to be out of that room? A whole making room, how fab. the wall cupboard is my favourite bit.
    Ellie x

  17. tis a room of perfection! Love every single bit of it

  18. Oh Claire, I LOVE your room makeover!! I've been searching forever for some little china cabinet to house all my tea cups etc., and here you've found TWO at bargain prices and made them to look like a million bucks! Everything in the room is so pretty and I'm envious that you have this space all to yourself to decorate and enjoy! You've put so much work into this and it really shows. The only thing that seems to be missing is a nice comfy chair for you to read or SEW! And don't forget a footstool ;) Have a great week Claire! I think you're a very lucky lady with both that room and living so close to the ocean ... take care ... Wendy xox

  19. Your workroom is stunning Claire.You have worked wonders with the cabinet and radiator cover.Very pretty.
    And how jealous am I that you have a lovely beach on your doorstep (nearly!). I love the sea and it always revives me when I'm feeling down, we are going to the East coast in a couple of weeks and I cant wait, so looking forward to it.Take care, love Anne X

  20. A beach on your doorstep and a beautiful craft room to come home too... tis you who has the life Claire xxx Enjoy every bit of your new room, it's beautiful! I love the cabinet over the radiator... very clever! Hazel xxx

  21. What a gorgeous workroom ... so pretty ... the radiator cover and cabinet look great ... good luck treasure hunting for your other bits and bobs ... Bee xx

  22. I love living near the beach too.....and missed it when I lived inland for a few years! Your room looks amazing! Love the big cupboard!
    Helen x

  23. Haven't seen Reloved, have you seen 'Oh Comely' - weird name for a mag don't you think?

  24. Oh I wish I had a workroom! All the projects I have are still in my head because I have nowhere to execute them! YOu are so lucky Claire. Love your Blog - I don't need magazines when there are Blogs like yours!
    Good luck in your new space x

    Julie @mrsmarsa/@mrsmelwoodbeer xx

  25. I envy you your beach - as you know I visited it recently - and your studio is finished where mine is still a complete mess! In my defence the work stopped these last weeks while we sorted out my Mum, but hopefully in the next week or so I can manage my own reveal!

    You've done a marvellous job with the Annie Sloan painted pieces Claire ... I wish I had your touch with these things!

  26. Your workroom looks beautiful and at such a bargain price ..... i'm impressed!
    Shame about your magazine, that is very disappointing, i bought a patchwork book(zine!) once which was the same, i was cross.
    love jooles xxx

  27. It looks such a lovely morning on your beach! I have had Country Living magazine for many years. There seems to be quite a number of magazines that have been recently appeared but I haven't been tempted enough to buy them. I love what you managed to do with the radiator cover and old cupboard it looks so good.
    Sarah x

  28. Hi Claire,LOVE what you've done with the furniture,your sewing room looks FAB!Good news for me I have made some sales from La Boheme!!It's sooo exciting,I can buy things have them for a while and then sell them for someone else to love!'bye for now Pam.

  29. Claire you have done a grand job it all looks you have a plan as to what you will make wil be lovely to have your own space to mess up,:-) and not have to tidy away...ihave been so rubbish commenting again, where does the time go...have nearly finished clearing grans house and she is all settled so maybe that will fix things :-) speak soon,,,get stitchin Mrs xx

  30. Incredible bargain Clare at 50 pounds only to decorate your work room! I see you have been very busy and I imagine having a fantastic time setting it up just as you like it. It looks lovely I like everything and more so to read stage by stage how you did it. This must give you such a feeling of accomplishment!

    Thanks for popping into my blog and more so for your kind comments.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  31. Hi Claire - just catching up on all of my favourite blogs now I have a moment to breathe. Your blog always makes me smile - its always full of scrummy things to look at. I love that radiator cover and have lusted after one for years! Packets of press studs and Sylko cottons remind me of my nan - she had loads of them alongside her treadle Singer sewing machine :)

  32. i picked up that reloved mag in the shop the other day and put it down again as i spend far too much on mags as it is!

  33. Awesome cupboard makeovers, you have a talent for it.
    I'm very fussy about the magazines that I buy, my main four are: Pretty Nostalgic, BBC Homes and Antiques, Country Living and, oddly, Prima, because it has a very good makes sections, and I like the homes styling, which is often done by Selina Lake. Good cake recipes, too. Have a lovely week. x

  34. I love Pippi too, i still have my books. She's so funny carrying her horse around! The cabinett looks gorgeous and yes sewing lessons would be great! Heather x


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