Monday, 10 September 2012

I must go down to the sea again ...

Yesterday when I woke, the sun was shining and it looked like a midsummer day when I looked out of my bedroom window.  Dogwalkers were wearing shorts and tee-shirts, families were heading to the beach to enjoy the late summer sun, and the sea beckoned ...

Unusually, all the family were gallivanting elsewhere, so after lunch Steve and I decided to go for a run out to find driftwood and perhaps pick some blackberries.  We headed not to the beach nearby, as we knew it would be very busy, but instead to the Coast Road, about five miles away ...

We parked the car outside a lovely country church, and made our way down the steep path to the deserted beach.  This lovely pebble heart welcomed us as we stepped onto the sand ...

The colours of the beach were beautifully muted in the late summer sunshine ...

The picturesque Morecambe Bay ...

I love the way nature blends and contrasts colours so perfectly!

Deserted sands ...

Age old structures, withstanding the ravages of the elements ...

And vegetation, growing in the unlikeliest of places!

Sand, shingle and stone ...

Man made wall, built long ago ... I didn't really understand what the plaque was commemorating, and the wording has been worn away over time, but it is dated 1816, I think ...

Flora and fauna ...

The end of the road ...

Late summer flowers and foliage ...

We were empty handed on the driftwood front, and the blackberry hunt proved fruitless too ... I've seen lots of blackberry picking going on in Blogland, but unfortunately in this part of the country have not found a good spot yet! I saw lots of flowers earlier on in the season, but they seem to have rotted with all the rain we've had, I hope I do find some soon though, as I have plans for Blackberry Vodka and Bramble Jelly!

After tea, we watched Countryfile as it was featuring the Furness Peninsular where I live, and they visited Piel Island, where I took you to a couple of weeks ago here

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Good Luck!

Enjoy your week, won't you?

Love, Claire xxx


  1. Although your jaunt was fruitless for the things you went looking for it seems you had a lovely time just blowing the cobwebs away by the sea! Sounds a gorgeous way to spend a sunday.

    I hope you find a good glut of blackberry soon for your Blackberry Vodka and jam. I have seen a few blackberry bushes in fruit just turning in our part of the UK.

    Hope you have a lovely week.

    P x

  2. Glad you had good weather too. Lovely beach photos - you live in beautiful part of the country. After my earlier good luck with the blackberries, I haven't found any in the last week.

    Love your new blog header by the way!

  3. Hope you find blackberries soon, I will go searching for them today. this will be the last sunny day here in Holland, I hope for the moment.
    Beautiful and peaceful beach, beautiful photo's. groetjes, Gerda

  4. Hello Claire - the weekend was full of the most delicious weather indeed. Lovely coastal images you have there and I am sure some blackberries will come your way soon. I love a blackberry and apple crumble with thick custards...oh dear I am salivating at that very thought! I watched Countryfile last night - it is great when somewhere you know pops up. One of our very favourite places to visit - Manor Farm - currently 'starring' on telly at the moment so we are extra riveted!
    Hope the weather stays sunny!
    Best wishes

  5. Your pics are always sooo lovely, and that heart of pebbles is precious. So, no driftwood or berries, but a treasured weekend nonetheless :-)
    Happy Monday xx

  6. Lovely pictures of the sea side, love the stone heart! We sure were lucky to have such nice weather..a late summer :P
    The blackberries are the same here, like you said the wet summer has taken its toll on them it hasn't been a very good crop at all this year, shame.
    Have a lovely week x

  7. I was confused for a moment there - love your new header :) Made son some chocolate vodka recently, intrigued by blackberry vodka? What a lovely way to spend a Sunday, beautiful pictures. x

  8. Thanks for taking me on another lovely walk with you! I'll bring a picnic next time! Ada :)

  9. oh i do love the sea, it looks so lovely there in your pics. we just had a quiet weekend, a wedding reception on sat eve they had the most amazing weather, I was so pleased for them. I'll post some pics later hopefully. Tommy is off on Saturday so lots going on here, hope your having a good week so far...I know its only Monday!!! Rainy here today, and no black berries either...yet :-)
    Love Sophie x

  10. Your photographs are lovely - especially the one in your blog header.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  11. Hi Claire - pictures so yummy, thought of you when watching Countryfile myself, we've had blackberries from the top of our garden, but not many. Julie xxx

  12. Hi Claire, What a lovely find the heart must of been. You photos are beautiful, everywhere looks so peaceful. I love going to Formby and walking along the sands. Really like the new header. Have a lovely week.
    Ali x

  13. Such a beautiful post to read with my morning coffee. Thank-you!

  14. Hi Claire
    Oh how I love a beach...especially a beach with pebbles and shells. I also like your header, it's beautiful!
    Sally x

  15. Hi Claire,how lovely your photo's are,I love the butterfly!You are lucky to live close to the sea.Thankyou for your comment on my blog.Warm Regards Pam.

  16. Despite not finding any driftwood or blackberries, your day sounds lovely. It looks as if you had the beach all to yourselves. That must be special.

    Happy new week,

    Madelief x

  17. Wonderful day trip down to the sea, I love this time of year with the mellow colours, yes I saw countryfile and thought of your lovely blog, (they should have asked you Claire to do the reporting)
    Thea x

  18. Your pictures of the sea are so lovely.I always prefer to get away from the crowds too. The heart left on the beach was a good find too!
    Blackberry vodka sound intriguing I hope you find some blackberries and can share the recipe with us!
    I missed Countryfile last night, I'll have to see if I can re watch it.
    Sarah x

  19. What a lovely post ... I watched Countryfile and was taken with the beauty of the Furness Peninsular ... your blog is lovely ... so glad I popped by ... I already have the book from your giveaway but congratulations on reaching 100 ... I've just become number 109 ... Bee x

  20. Your photos are amazing...I miss the sea this Summer! Thank you so much for sharing. xo

  21. Your photos are just beautiful - I wish I was there! Thanks for your comment on my blog - yes, the cross-stitches were done by me, followed a pattern for one, adapted a second and made up the third and fourth, which was great fun. I'm now going to hop over to your Giveaway - how did I miss that?

  22. Hi Clare,love your photos,what a wonderful place to live.Xxx

  23. A mellow autumn day on a beach...sounds, and looks, like heaven.

  24. Hello Mrs,
    lovely post here Claire!
    Thanks for the sweet words over on mine, they mean a lot!
    Just recovering from Olivia's birthday over the weekend!!
    I know you will understand this.. hehe..
    see you soon Maria x

  25. Hi Claire, thank you so much for following my blog back! I do love reading posts by folk who live by the sea, how lucky you are, but at least we can all feel more relaxed for reading your post :). I have found lots of blackberries over the past couple of days (and have the prickles to show for it) and will be making a pie tomorrow, so I hope you find some soon too.

    Anna. x

  26. ohhhh Claire, can I come too
    ing to walk with you your
    beautiful places? There I would be flying!
    Love Susy x

  27. Isn't it lovely when you have a beach like that all to yourself? Your pictures capture the magic of it beautifully.
    I can't wait until our holiday and maybe discovering some hidden places too.
    Take care and have a lovely weekend. :0)

  28. Love your new header Claire ! and I love a nice seaside walk....especially when the beach has sand to walk on (not just pebbles) ! got to make the most of the sunny days at this time of year haven't we..they are such a treat. Have a nice weekend...Gail x

  29. We did the same on Monday - it was so lovely, calm and beautiful.

    Enjoy your week too,

    Nina x

  30. Ooh, Morecambe Bay, I know it well. Lovely place. My mother in-law lives in Morecambe and over the years we've explored both sides of the bay. But we've never taken one of the walks across the sands at low tide. Have you?

  31. oh gosh I do like to have a beach to myself and what I call a wild beach....that is practically untouched by progress. This looks like peaceful! There is something about a quiet beach, taking in its colours,the stillness and the sea that calms me. I always feel refreshed afterwards.
    Never heard of Blackberry vodka!!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  32. Lovely photos Claire, and I like the sound of the blackberry vodka! ;-)

  33. Hi Claire,

    Lovely to discover your blog, via Annie.
    Your photographs are beautiful and I loved seeing where you went for your trip to the beach. The heart of pebbles is sweet.

    Happy weekend

  34. Beautiful photos, I went for a walk today and it was such a lovely sunny day, I need to bring my camera with me next time, thinking I could take my girls with me and we could go "treasure hunting" - letting them take photos of what they find interesting - maybe it will give us all a fresh perspective on our surroundings. It´s a blessing to notice beauty everywhere you go.

  35. Hi Claire :)
    You have a beautiful blog! I've only recently joined the blogging world and have thoroughly enjoyed reading through.
    I would love to enter the giveaway, it will be my very first! I'll pop over to the sidebar now.
    Good luck with the vodka and jelly!

    Emma x

  36. Hi Claire, I have just found your lovely blog. I live in Morecambe and it is so wonderful to see people commenting on how wonderful Morecambe bay is.we are both so blessed to live in such a wonderful area.
    Thank you for following my blog.
    Sandie at Rag Rescue


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