Monday, 3 September 2012

*** GIVEAWAY ***

As promised, I would like to host a Giveaway, as a thank-you to all my lovely followers who have helped me to achieve the magic 100!  It is open to all followers, old (mean longstanding, not agewise!) and new, (everyone is welcome here!), at home and away (anywhere in the whole wide world!) ... and all you need to do is leave a comment letting me know if you want to join in!

This book is the prize ... Homemade Gifts Vintage Style ... one of my favourite books which I bought last year, and have bought more copies as gifts for friends ... always very well received!

Full of beautiful pictures, lots of quick makes, as well as more time-consuming ones for the clever ones among you (that's just about everyone!) ...

 Seasonal projects ...

 Lots of lovely vintageness ...

Just a lovely book to keep on your coffee table and flick through when you've got a bit of spare time, accompanied by a nice cup of tea and piece of cake (this is essential!)

So, lovely followers, please join in and share the love by adding the top picture to your sidebar!

Just had to show you the pictures of my 'girls' ... it's their favourite time of year, when they are first let loose among the vegetable plot ... it hasn't been a good year for veggies really ... all the rain made the plants bolt and go to seed really quickly, that's if their roots weren't rotted first!

The chucks are let loose to clear the weeds, and have a good scratch around ...

As you can see, they've got their work cut out for them!

They love having their pictures taken, and come running when they see me with a camera ...

And probably last little bunch of flowers of the year picked from my garden ... all right, there are some weeds in there too, but I like to think of them as wildflowers!


Harry went back to College today, (it's his 18th birthday on Wednesday) and Millie's back to school on Wednesday (her final year, eek, how's that happened?) so really need to get my behind into gear organised and sort my house and garden out.  I may have mentioned it before, and much as I love the colours and look of Autumn, it makes me feel very melancholy.  I can't explain it really, but perhaps it's a hangover from my own schooldays ... back to school after weeks of freedom, endless hot days (or so it seemed!) and lie-ins.

Before we know it ... it will be Christmas!!!

Enjoy this week, whatever you're doing ...

Love, Claire xxx

PS: Forgot to say ... will draw the winner on Sunday 30 September ... we'll definitely be into Autumn by then! xx


  1. Ooh please enter me in your giveaway, the book looks gorgeous :)
    Hubby back to work and Imogen back for her last year at primary school on Wednesday. xx

  2. Morning ~
    yes, I know what you mean about Autumn, it makes me reflective and long for solitude! That will be in very short supply over the next few weeks! Melancholy isn't so bad, sometimes we need the light and the shade....
    Such a good idea to ask the chucks to do the weeding!

    Sarah -x-

  3. I love your chickens, I want some too but ant give myself any more work, and it would be me doing it all!
    Lovely book, I have it too, so don't put my name in the bag! It has some great ideas in it! Ada :)

  4. Hi Claire
    I love Autumn too, Summer's too frantic and sticky for me! Please add me to your giveaway - although I have this book and love it, I would give it to my sister if i won!
    take care
    Sally x @ Lavender Attic
    PS I will add your link to my sidebar x

  5. Ha! It was cool this morning and it felt a bit like England. It was a relief after so many days 30 plus. Sadly it is boiling now again. My pale skin is not made for this weather!
    I also thought of Christmas this morning and felt all happy. However pretty sunny days are, they never give you that cosy feeing.
    I love the gals. The family next door to us has them and I never realised how loud they were until now. Yours look likek they have lots of fun.
    Please enter me for the giveaway. It looks super smashing great! xxx

  6. Ooh, looks like a fab book, please pop my name in the hat :-)
    I need your chickies to come around and do some weeding here too please! Know what you mean about Autumn, for me it's because Winter seems to be on its way - but on the bright side, the leaves on the trees turn oh-so-pretty.
    Have a happy day xx

  7. Such a lovely Giveaway Claire...Please pop my name into the hat!
    Love the pics of your 'girls'..they are gorgeous...I think I would just sit and watch them for hours on must be so entertaining!
    Hope you have a happy week,
    Susan x
    P.S Will add a link in my sidebar for you..

  8. Happy monday,I could do with your girls help with my weeds. Please put my name into the hat for your give away.


  9. Hi Claire, Your blog always cheers me up whatever day it is!
    Pleaase put me in the hat for the giveaway. It looks a lovely book :-)
    My chickies have all but stopped laying entirely and I don't know why!!
    Have a good week in the sunshine

    mrsmarsa x

  10. Congrats on your 100 plus followers. Well deserved. Fabulous giveaway. I'd love to be considered. Eek Christmas! I. Hate. It. Love from Misery Guts Extraordinaire. xx

  11. Hello Claire
    Just wanted to say good luck to everyone, I already have the book so please don't enter me :-) A lovely pic of your chooks... a very happy birthday to your son, the time just flies doesn't it, keep smiling xx
    Sophie xx

  12. I'd love to enter...perfect timing a lovely book for inspirational Christmas makes.
    I'd love to let the chooks out but we have only just started to get the odd shoot of grass from where they destroyed our little patch!!
    Congrats on the 100 mark! {followers not age!}

  13. Ooh I do love a gorgeous book and this one looks right up my street, pop me into your hat Claire - fingers and toes crossed :) congratulations on the big 100!
    Victoria xx

  14. Hello Claire
    Love your girls....they look so happy and busy clearing up for you :-)
    That book is just the sort of thing I like so I'd love to join your giveaway.
    Congratulations on reaching 100 followers...102 now !

    Crossing fingers and toes.
    Am off to past your button and link to the giveaway on my blog.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  15. Please count me in on your giveaway and even if I dont win I think the book is one to put on my birthday wish list anyway.It looks beautiful.

  16. What a lovely book I would love to enter! Thanks Faye

  17. Congratulations on reaching 100 Followers. As a new Follower I hope it's still Ok to say I'd love to enter your Giveaway and I will add to my sidebar.

    Arwedd xx

  18. Hi Claire,
    Congratulations on your 100 followers. The book looks absolutely gorgeous. The girls look very happy 'weeding' your veg patch. Hope the dark nights don't make you feel too sad. I can't believe how soon it's going dark now. I will add your pic to my sidebar. Have a lovely week. Ali x

  19. Hi Claire,
    Please include me in your giveaway the book looks lovely! I like your bunch of flowers our vegetable garden is looking very bare too.
    Sarah x

  20. You can't beat enthusiastic Chicken Gardening...mine are digging for spuds daily! Congratulations on your 100 + followers. The prize book looks lovely. I will keep my fingers crossed. :) x

  21. Hello Claire
    Yes I do know how you feel, September already, there was mist in the air this morning,and the days have started fading.
    Anyway congratulations on you 100 followers
    Your book looks wonderful, yes please count me in
    Thea x

  22. What a lovely giveaway prize, count me in. That book is right up my street! I will add the pic to my sidebar. Don't be melancholy - when I feel blue I make sunshine soup (pumpkins and ginger) or drink lots of wine. xx

  23. This year is my daughters first year in college. I can't believe how the time flies! I don't like winter but I am ready for fall. The summer has been entirely too hot for me! Have a great week.

  24. CONGRATS ON 100+!

  25. I like to postpone autumn, so we are on our summer holiday.... Lovely!
    Thank you for hosting this give away, you have made me very curious about this book....

    Love Ilse

  26. oooo yes i would love to enter!!!

  27. This looks a great book!
    Autumn has the same effect on me this year with my youngest off to uni!

  28. Hi, just popping back to say your comment really made me laugh.I think you are right, they will probably call her something else anyway. Quite often, with family, they are affectionate names, so I might be being a big meanie!
    One of my friends is called Oliver and he was always Oli or Ol or Moll! I love your childrens names though, they are lovely. I get Tracy shortened to Trace! There's not much you can do with a rancid name like mine.
    Love your Cath K tins. xxx

  29. Hi Claire, congrats on reaching the ton! Your gilrs look very happy in the garden. Along with my 5 girls I'm also chook-sitting 4 extras for a friend for 5 wks while she's back in the UK and they try to get in my garden everyday! Enjoy your autumn, I'm certainly going to enjoy spring!! S:)

  30. Excellent book, my husband bought me a copy for Christmas, great giveaway! D xxx

  31. A lovely book...please count me in! I'm glad I'm not the only one with disappointing veggies this year.

  32. Hi i'm taking part in the Autumn swap too, so thought i would pop over and say hello, oh and if its possible could you pop my name in the hat for a chance to win the book many thanks x

  33. What a wonderful giveaway. I've seen the book mentioned elsewhere and have thought it looked fun. Isn't it great when you find a book good enough to share with friends :)

  34. Hello Claire,

    Its my first ever visit to your blog ... and what timing!!! The giveaway looks fabulous, would it be ok to count me in too please, it would be a wonderful and memorable way to see in the autumn.

    Thank you!!

    Mel x

  35. Hello your chucks !! we used to have one pet hen and she was such a character I still miss her ! Gail x

  36. Ciao bellissimo il libro!!! compimenti a presto lu..

  37. Hi Claire,thankyou for reminding me to keep calm and carry on!!Love your photo's of the hens and your posy is gorgeous.The little hedgehogs are soooo!cute and I have the CK button tin!Have a sunny weekend.Kind Regards Pam.

  38. PS Please could I join your giveaway even though I don't know how to put a picture on my sidebar?!!!I could read it whilst in my asylum!!!KR Pam.

  39. Please can you enter me in the giveaway as well..pretty please. I have added the giveaway photo/link to my sidebar :)
    The 'girls' are just adorable..looks like they are busy! I just bought some chickens as well, I will try and do a post about them soon. I have 3 of them..Tilly, Belle and Pips :)
    I totally agree with you, Autumn is such a lovely time of year. I always think the tree's etc look just so pretty at this time of year, and the weather isn't too cold but not too hot either.
    Have a great weekend x
    Magie x

  40. What a great giveaway! The book looks very tempting, so please count me in! I love the pictures of your chooks, how funny that they love having their photos taken!!!

  41. Congratulations on your 100 followers,So glad I found you,Youve a lovely blog :) I already have this book,so You dont have to include me in your giveaway.Hope your son has a lovely birthday,Happy week ahead,love julieXxxx

  42. how did I nearly miss your lovely giveaway?? not enough reading of lovely blogs obviously...must find myself some more precious time. Count me in Claire- looks right up my street. I'm just going on the school run but will put button on my sidebar later on...fee x

  43. Hi Claire,

    Congratulations on all your followers and I will do the same.
    Your chickens are so cute and look very happy pecking around in the garden.
    The book looks wonderful, please put my name in the hat.

    Happy weekend

  44. Hi, found you recently (via Attic 24, I think) and subscribing via email, enjoying reading about your life, and missing the chickens we had when I was a child. Now living on the south coast, with so many foxes I'd need a colditz to have them again. Yours look lovely. The book is so tempting, it has brought me out of lurkdom to ask to be included. Best wishes, Mal

  45. Aargh, this is about my fourth attempt to comment, Google seem determined to annoy me. I have recently found your blog, and really enjoy it, The chickens look gorgeous, and your home is very enticing, giving me lots of inspiration. I'd love to be included in the draw, the book looks lovely.

    Have a lovely weekend, Mal

  46. Ooh I would LOVE to enter your fabulous giveaway... I am a total book addict and this one looks gorgeous!!
    I will put a link on my blog asap :)

    Louise xxx

  47. I would love to enter your giveaway please. The book looks just lovely. Many thanks Elaina

  48. I love your chickens ♥
    Please include me in your giveaway, it looks like a lovely prize.
    I have only just discovered your blog via Mary Jane's TEAROOM and I must say that it looks very lovely.
    I am off now to explore your blog a little :-)
    Have a happy week,
    Sarah xox

  49. Hi, I'm a new follower and I love your blog. Very Inspirational. I would love to be entered for your give away if it's not too late but if it is never mind, I'm just happy to have discovered your lovely blog :-) Kind Regards Kay

  50. Ooh! please may I be included in your give away? I just clicked on the link to your blog that is on Tea at Weasel's and I am So glad I did! It's a lovely blog and I have chicken envy!!I have dreamt of owning chickens all my life..sigh. Anyway, I am glad to have found your lovely blog. Take care, Nelly x


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