Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The sun has got his hat on ....

I got up early yesterday morning, and was very productive in the non-procrastination department ... did a job  I'v been putting off since the beginning of April ... filed my tax assessment online! Very boring but necessary, and actually only took an hour! Felt like a reward was essential, so rounded up my Darling Daughter and headed out for lunch and an afternoon in Ulverston.

After lunch, we drove to Ulverston, parked the car and walked down the leafy lane into town, passing local curiosities on the way ... Toll Gate House

a painted on window ...

and a glimpse through a back gate, to reveal a stunning front door ...

The 'pepperpot' on the hill ... when I was a child and we'd been away for the day, or on holiday, the first sighting of this monument always signalled that you were almost home ...

The lovely, cobbled main street ...

complete with new shop, since we last visited ...

very patriotic! ....

Lovely, summery displays ...

A seasonal view of the teashop I took you to in March ...

 The lovely 'junk' shop, filled with painted furniture and lots of vintageness ... sadly closed today!

The clock tower above the bank, that chimes every hour ...

and the lovely 'Sting In The Tail' filled with lots of fun and games, and eccentricities that you remember from childhood ...

All packed into a really, lovely, old building ...

 Elegant townhouses ...

 Picturesque pubs .... and back to the car, and home via the scenic route over Birkrigg Common ...
Wild and wonderful ...

Which way shall we go? ...

Chicken just roaming free ... she even stopped what she was doing and posed for me!

Strutting peacocks, but not prepared to put on a show for us! ...

Sheep enjoying the sunshine ...

And a magnificent view of Morecambe Bay ...

Well, it would have been rude not to, wouldn't it?

Rainsclouds overhead, so back to the car ...

and along the coast road to this long causeway ...

Skeletons ... what tales could these relics from the past tell?

Sign for ferry across to Piel Island ... don't think was safe today though!

and the bleak Piel Island, with its majestic ruined castle, pub and row of cottages, passed down through the years ... this island is the stuff of Enid Blyton ... smuggling, hidden coves, picnics with lashings of ginger beer!

We walked across the bridge to the Lifeboat Station, the pretty row of houses looking out to sea ...

Millions, posing by the lifeboat ....

One of the crew?

Gatehouse, which I think is now unoccupied, but what a fabulous place to live, and what a view, framed through the archway ...

and Piel Island again, viewed from the shore ...

Back to the car, and just had to show you this ... we always called it the house with 11 chimneys ... but it has 12! My Dad always said it was built by a local businessman and the chimneys were added for each of his 11 (12!) daughters ... would love to know if this is true ...

Back home and my little Bellis Perrenis plants (fake!) bought from Sting in the Tail ...

And today, back to the gloomy, grey weather where these are making me happy and reminding me of A Grand Day Out!

PS: I haven't forgotten about my promised Giveaway ... news soon, must stop procrastinating!

Enjoy your day ...

Love Claire xxx


  1. I also visited Mr Simms sweet shop yesterday, but in Margate. Uncanny hey.

  2. Thank you for taking us along with you on your afternoon out. Such a lovely part of the world you live in. Mr Simms looks delightful!!
    Victoria xx

  3. What a great treat! Thanks for sharing your lovely day! Ada :)

  4. Definitely a deserved treat after the dreaded tax return :) What a lovely place, so much to see, really enjoyed our 'walk'. x

  5. Wow Ulverston seems to have changed a lot since I was last there Claire, some nice little shops opening. Julie xxx

  6. aaahhh what a lovely way for me to wake up!! It's as if I was there too! Thanks :)

  7. Just charming ! you captured it all so nicely and the house with all those chimneys is a puzzle ! Gail x

  8. What a lovely tour ..... thank you!
    love jooles x
    P.S yes please to the ice cream :o)

  9. LOVE the photo's,I really enjoyed the walk,epecially the sweet shop!yum yum!Kind Regards Pam.

  10. Hello Mrs Thriftwood....
    You and Millie jolly well packed a lot into your day out!
    I know the house with the chimneys too....
    Wonder if your Dad's tale is true?
    Ulverston looks lovely and we always used to look out for Hoad Pepper pot too, on our journey home..
    See you soon...
    love Maria x

  11. Hi Claire,

    Lovely photo's of your outing. What a pretty town Ulverston is!

    The ice creams look delicious :-)

    Madelief x

  12. Lovely post Claire, thank you for taking me with you
    Thea x

  13. What great photo's! I wish my high street looked like that! x

  14. Delightful Claire. Cheered up my dreary morning!

    Julie x

  15. What a lovely day out. I've never been to that park of the coast but Ulverston looks like the kind of town I would enjoy exploring.

  16. You both looked like you had so much fun, thanks for sharing your fab day out in Ulverston. That ice cream looks rather delish I don't want summer to end. Hope you are well dear. Tracy x

  17. How charming it all looks - thank you for the day out, I was in need of some fresh air!

  18. PS - meant to add that for the second year running I have had tax rebates!!! I now look on it as a great way of saving money without knowing it!!

  19. Hi Claire, You deserved that wonderful day out after filling in your tax assessment. Is that mint choc ice cream? My favourite. The sweet shop looks gorgeous. Thanks for visiting my blog and your lovely comment.
    Take care.
    Ali x

  20. Hi Claire - Nice to 'meet' you!! Looking forward to the swap!

    p.s. Your blog is fab!

  21. Hi Claire - nice to 'meet' you!

    Looking forward to the swap!

    p.s. fab blog!! Look forward to browsing over the weekend!

  22. Dear Claire,

    I popped over from Kazzy's blog - Country Rabbit - as I was touched by the kind words you word to her. I have had such fun reading your post today! We've just returned from our family holiday on the southern coast of Brittany so many of your pictures brought back very happy memories. It is very nice to meet you and I am off to become your most recent follower.


  23. I'm not a fan of form filling in, so you have my sympathy.
    The shops there look great. I would have loved a good browse there too. It looks like a really endearing and cute place. xxx


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