Monday, 25 March 2013

Spring will be a little late this year ...

You may have noticed that I try to incorporate song lyrics into my titles, and wanted one that was apt for March or Spring and Google suggested the above, which is very appropriate! I'm not going to bang on about the weather ... we all know about it!

March has been a lovely month so far, I've had lots to celebrate and people have been very kind to me.  On the very first day of March it was my birthday, and my little sis took me to the very posh Rothay Manor in Ambleside for afternoon tea ... very delectable! I received lovely cards, flowers and presents ....

60 golden daffodils from Jacob (that's not my age, by the way) ...

Ooh, can't wait to wear these! Thank you, Olly ...

Lovely reads ...

and plenty of prettiness!

Mother's Day followed on the 10th and I was treated like a queen for the day by my lovely brood, lunch out, lovely gifts and roast dinner made by Steve ... I could get used to being pampered ....

The lovely Lisa from Bobo Bun arranged Four Happy Things Swap, and I was lucky enough to be paired with Ellie from Jelly Jam ... if you aren't familiar with these two delightful blogs, whyever not? You're in for a real treat! I wasn't being very organised and wrapped and packed my stuff all ready to post, without photographing it, but luckily Ellie was on the ball and if you pop over to her, she'll show you what she got from me ... 

Ellie collects beautiful, vintage fabrics and makes bags, cushions and all manner of  delightful things from them ...

She made me a very pretty brooch pillow ...

and even gave me a brooch to pin upon it ...

A sweet jar full to the brim with rhubarb and custard sweets ...

 and another handmade item, this time a gorgeous, sweet-smelling lavender heart (the swap was to have a nostalgic feel, and the receiver's favourite colour was to be featured ... bet you can't guess what mine is can you?)

Four Happy Things that are making me very happy indeed ... thank you Ellie, and also a big thanks to Lisa for organising the swap.

I was going to show you lots of other things today, but unfortunately Instagram is playing up and saying I don't exist, so I can't download my latest pictures.  So I'm going to have to say sorry to shelly @ all4meggymoo, as I can't show her lovely giveaway prize which I was very lucky to win, and also Dotcomgiftshop who featured one of my cupboard makeovers on their blog and let me choose an item to review for them.  I will be showing you these things as soon as I can sort my pics out.

On Saturday I worked at Violet and the Peapod, the delicious vintage teashop which I showed you last December, once again I can't let you see the updated pictures, but will as soon as they are available (if anyone has any tips how to sort this out, I'd be very grateful).

I'm sorry that this post is only a shortened version of the vision of loveliness I'd intended ... but service will be resumed as soon as possible!

Have a fabulous week, won't you my lovelies?

Love Claire xxx


  1. sounds like you've had a great time and love your swap goodies.

  2. Firstly, a very very happy birthday to you Claire!!! And what beautiful gifts you have received including your lovely swap gifts. I do hope the weather improves for you all one there and you get to wear your pretty pink shoes soon. Mel x

  3. i love seeing all the prettyness in your home!daffodils,handmade cushions, new shoes,lavender pillows...and my fav magazine!im a little bit jealous!

    mezz x

  4. Happy Birthday, and what a lovely month you've had despite the weather. Those sneakers are such a beautiful colour and so cute, I bet you cannot wait to wear them xxx

  5. What a lovely blog post Claire - full of scrumminess! A very belated Happy Birthday for earlier this month. Your swaps look great! Such a lot of prettiness! Have a great week x

  6. What a great month full of lovely things - and Easter is still to come!

  7. What beautiful PINK! gifts you've received :) I like the idea of a brooch pillow, and Ellie has made such a lovely one! I'd say you've got a head start on spring indoors with all your daffodils :) Have a great day Claire! Wendy ;)

  8. Great swap there! Some lovely things....and those daffodils, they are so needed at the moment! :) x

  9. ~ LOVE those converse, Mrs Thriftwood! YOUR tootsies will be dancing in those...And how kind are those pretties in the swap...Ahhhh Daffodil's......much needed cheer for these Baltic climates....Take time to dream...Love Maria x See you on the 9th!!

  10. Well March has certainly been a great month for you! So many good and lovely things to celebrate. I love your cons, by the way. x

  11. happy Birthday!! all those lovely things, you deserve xx
    flurries of snow here is cold enough to freeze the.....hur know :-0
    fire on, books to read, not minding so much, soon be here, just you wait xx
    love sophie x

  12. Many happy returns for your birthday - your swap goodies look beautiful and generous too. A nice cheery post.

  13. Hi Claire,

    A happy belated birthday! You received some wonderful gifts. The books look promising and the daffodils lovely. It sounds like fun working in such a pretty tea shop!

    Happy new week,

    Madelief x

  14. It looks as though you have been thoroughly spoiled, and so you should! The swaps look like a great idea. Keep warm and have a great week. Chel x

  15. Hi Claire I wanted to thank you as I get more hits from your blog than any other - so I'd like to make you one of mash ups - just pick a colour from my bead pallet and you can email me your address. Thanks for being so supportive:)x

  16. Many happy returns and you like pink, I would never have guessed!

  17. Happy Birthday Claire. I'm guessing you like a bit of pink. What lovely things you've received. I like the sound of The Great British Tuck Shop. You can never have too many daffs, I'm hoping mine have survived the snow. Enjoy wearing your pink converse, they look perfect for summer. Have a lovely week.
    Ali x

  18. Happy Belated Birthday! What a wonderful March with so many well deserved treats and treasures! The swaps are a lovely idea.
    Enjoy your books and flowers and keep cosy!
    Helen x

  19. Sounds as if you have had a lovely month.Lots of pretty things! Enjoy your week Claire X

  20. sounds like a wonderful birthday with lots of lovely treats ! How lovely to receive such a huge bunch of daffies ! I know you are only 21 ....same age as me hahaha ! Love the pink pumps too ! Happy Easter ! Gail x


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