Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Guilty Pleasure ...

Firstly, I'd like to thank you all for your interesting comments on my last post ... it certainly made us all think, didn't it?

I'd like to pose another little question now ... not as profound as the last one, but important nonetheless. What is your guilty pleasure ... or if you're like me and greedy, pleasures in the plural! No saucy replies please ... I'm of a very sensitive nature.

Although I'm thrifty at heart, one thing I can't resist are Emma Bridgewater mugs.  I have been collecting them for years, along with other pieces such as ovenware, jugs, candle holders and teapots.

I usually only ever buy them from the sales, when the prices are reduced and you get one free if you buy multiples, so I buy them for presents for other people and store them away until Christmas or birthdays come around.

I have got rather a lot ... these shelves are 3 mugs deep! I feel that although expensive, they hold their value, and discontinued pieces go for really silly money on Ebay, so they are an investment for my retirement!

Another guilty pleasure of mine is my love for magazines ... this can get rather out of hand ... I have every copy of Country Living magazine since I started getting it 12 years ago ... I just can't part with them, and have sorted them into monthly piles so that at the start of each month, I have 12 back issues to wade through.  OCD? Definitely!

There have been lots of new magazines lately, I love the Simple Things and also Land Love.  I hadn't heard about this one but spotted it in a supermarket and had to buy it.  I set up subscriptions for my favourite magazines using my Tesco Clubcard vouchers, then they don't cost me anything.  Pretty Nostalgic is an amazing magazine and I took out the annual subscription for £36, but for this I also got the Pretty Nostalgic book, which is absolutely beautiful, and retails for £25, free!

I really should be on commission, shouldn't I?

Just thought I'd share a few pictures from last week with you ...

Ruby, looking embarrassed in her Halloween get-up ...

Love the way the light filters through this old window ...

My Halloween window display ... lovely pot pumpkin from Poundland!

Cup hands ... here comes Cadbury's ... who remembers these mugs?

and Millie's decoupaged guitar, a real labour of love!

Audrey, one of my chucks, went Absent Without Leave last night and it got too dark to look for her.  I was worried and hoped that she wouldn't be too frightened what with all the bangs and crashes of Bonfire Night.  This morning, Oliver, my eldest, checked his Facebook, and there was a photo of Audrey, strutting around someone's back garden! I went round and the lady told me to feel free and go and get her ... Audrey is very highly strung and skittish, and she ran away and hid when she saw me! Steve is going to have to finish work early and we'll perform Operation Chickenrun together!

Hope you all have a great Tuesday!

Love, Claire xxx


  1. Firstly good luck with the chicken chasing :)

    Am loving the Pretty Nostalgic Mag - one of the best I've read in a long while. Simple Things is a bit hit & miss for my liking - loved the first 2 but the latest isn't as good.

    Looking forward to the Christmas Country Living hitting the shops - that is one I always buy.

    As for the EB mugs - we've a few bought many years ago pre-children that are still in daily use and look as good as new - well worth the price :)

  2. OO Claire Guilty Pleasures!!! I love magazines too but have had to seriously cut my spend on them. I tend to get most of what I need from Blogland nowadays. I get inspiration from my favourites such as your goodself, Anglesey Allsorts, Fading Grace, Athriftymrs, Misssimmondssays etc etc...
    I'm a clothesaholic though and guilty pleasure no.2 is buying, hiding and then producing 'this old thing I've had for ages' as if I've always had it :-)
    Guilty pleasure no.3 is face creams - good quality ones and just lately - anti-aging potions and lotions. Don't tell Mr M about those though he'd have a fit!
    Got lots more guilty pleasures but I'd be here all day...

    Great reading yours, as always,
    mrsmarsa x

  3. Oh, I have many guilty pleasures ... at the moment a few ebay and amazon purchases ... very necessary, you understand ... and magazines ... I admit I have a problem ... off now to research the clubcard deal ... great .. I could be feeding my addiction for free ... very important in current financial state :) ... good luck with the chuck later ... Bee xx

  4. Magazines every time for me! Country Living, Slimming World, House Beautiful, Landscape and another that I can't remember the name of right now. I have to stop!!

  5. I have a bit of a weakness for magazines too - they're quite pricey these days so I try to reign myself in. (I should use my clubcard vouchers like you do.)

  6. Books are my guilty pleasure. I love the smell of a brand new unopened book and cannot resist buying at least one book a month. Also love magazines too :) fab post Claire! I am very envious of your Emma Bridgewater collection!
    Victoria xx

  7. Anything cross stitch. I have caboodles of things to do but still buy more when I go by the shop. Snowmen! Oh my. Put me in a place with snowmen and I'll be in heaven. I have them in all shapes and sizes. AND books.

  8. Oh where do I start!
    the list is endless!

    : ) x

  9. Awwww Claire, I do hope you get Audrey back safe and sound!
    I am thinking that their will be a few of us collecting Cath Kidston on here....
    But I have a weakness for any thing with pink roses on it..
    Vases and Jugs and tea sets mainly!
    I do love Ruby on that picture! hehe..
    love Maria x

  10. Well to be honest, having got to pensionable age years ago, I don't consider any of my pleasures as guilty ahy more. The small pension I get is MINE all mine to spend as I wish, and it usually goes on books I have to say. The pleasures would only be guilty if I thought the money would be better spent elsewhere, but having got everything we need or want, then the guilt has gone! I have the Emma mugs too, not a thought to any future value as they will just all be sold off when I shuffle off, I bought them because they are so pretty. Have the magazines too, but no longer keep all back issues. When the new ones appear, the last ones go, this is in an effort to reduce the amount of 'stuff' lying around! I admire anyone who can keep them as long as you! Well done.

  11. Wow, I am always so impressed by people's collections... I have a hard time throwing out things, but my magazine collections just found a new home... have a nice week!

  12. I share your same weakness for Emma Bridgewater mugs and have quite a few now. My other guilty pleasure is salted butter. I love to cook with it and spread it liberally on anything bready or toasty. Yum. And red wine! x

  13. Hi Claire
    Yes, I have a few...
    Mugs, anything nautical/seaside-y, blankets, cushions, vintage fabric and fairy lights are my not-so guilty pleasures, a real shameful guilty pleasure is tuning in to 'The Real Housewives of New York' trashy reality show but I love it!!

  14. Naughty naughty Audrey! I have a confession about the Homemaker mag I brought, I carefully repacked it and took it back! I haven't got money to waste (it was in perfect condition!). I'm going to put he money towards the granny chic book!
    I'm with you on Country Living, although I would love to replace the recipe part for another lovely home article! :)

  15. I would have said chocolate but since I've been on a healthy eating plan(I won't say diet)I've not had even a teeny taste.I'm with you on the Homes mags though.I love Country Homes and Interiors and can't bear to part with them when I've read them either.I've just bought the December issue,my favourite,and take my time reading just a few pages at a time and savouring it.
    I can't resist jugs though and I think I had a hundred at the last count!! I know...crazy! :0)

  16. Hope you managed to retrieve Audrey with your husband's help!
    I love you collection of Emma Bridgewater mugs. I have a fondness for bowls,vases and cookery books!
    Sarah x

  17. Guilty pleasures for me are: magazines, linen, cushions and Crown Lynn Crockery oh and teapots! Good luck with catching Audrey - love her name. Elaina xo

  18. Hello Claire
    Oooh..I love your E B mugs...I think my one (one who am I kidding) weakness has to be bone china I just love delicate pretty cups and saucers..... I collect my Country Living mags too and yes I have them all in months and years (so sad) I also keep Country Homes and Interiors mags, and as for the rest, I scan them in the supermarket and then decide wether to buy or not...Hope your chicken is safe now little tinker
    Thea x

  19. Hi Claire! Coffee and cakes and home magazines are my guilty pleasure.I am really quite happy to please and often buy such mags at car boot sales for pence.I love them.
    I do have 3 Emma Bridgewater teapots though, not to use just for display, they were bought as presents!

  20. Great collection of mugs, I will use this as evidence if I am ever picked up about my guilty pleasures.

  21. Are you ready for this?!
    Massages, pedicures, handbags, bracelets, rings and earrings, lipstick, mascara, perfume, trim latte's, scarves, body butter, postcards from art gallery and museum gift shops, antlers, calendars, stationery (I could split this further but for the sake of sanity will keep to the imbrella terminolgy), slippers, stripy tights, pretty knickers and matching bra's, jam, bunches of flowers, jam jars from op shops, books from op shops, clothes from op shops, op shops, enormous bags of marshmallows, very expensive drinking chocolate, lunch, plates, cups and saucers, pretty spoons and bone handled knives, cushions and pillowcases... did i mention op shops? Phew, that feels better! jusx

  22. Mine has to start with Liquorice Allsorts, then magazines- I used to buy Needlecraft, and now I can't , but I have three big piles I am hanging onto. Wool has to be another and pretty fabric remnants. Children's toys, books and teacups- vintage only.
    Hope the chicken hunt was successful!

  23. Ruby looks gorgeous! Audrey is a runaway and a very naughty one at that! As for Bridgewater mugs....don't even get me started, aaaarghhhhh....I feel a divorce coming on! ( 2 cupboards later, British Birds, National Gardens scheme, BW Toast, A year in the Country, Egg and catch my drift!)
    Any way, I really called in to say thank you so much for lovely comment on my last post. Granny is gong to be so thrilled with all her Birthday wishes...fame at last! We'll never hear the end of it!
    Sarah -x-
    ps good luck with the "chicken run"!

  24. My guilty pleasure is a bunch of flowers on a Friday. And interior magazines. I cut out pictures and articles I like and file them for future inspiration.

  25. Claire I have missed bloggin I have come back to catch up on posts. Hope that you are well, love the pumpkin and is the cat real? And the nets are looking wonderful. Tracy x

  26. Dear Claire - I may have to pop round to inspect your collection/s! My other half tells me that we only need four cups as there are only four people in the house....I feel that you might be able to chip in here....
    My guilty pleasure is anything that looks nice...which leaves me with plenty of scope....oh dear!

    Best wishes

  27. mmmmm well green and blacks chocolate while sitting reading country living magazine would be my guilty pleasure ! and also cannot resist buying vintage linens especially edged with lace ...too irresistible.! Gail x

  28. What a relief to know I'm not the only one to hoard years of copies of Country Living!

    There's a whippet mug in the Emma Bridgewater range I've had my eye on but I never did buy one.

  29. He he fancy finding your chicken on facebook, I really laughed at that! My guilty pleasure would be tea rooms and coffee shops - if a friend suggests meeting up it has to be in a coffee/tea & cake shop - my husband would roll his eyes if he knew how many times I find myself in some of the local tea rooms!

  30. Claire, after reading your blog I shot off to The Range and bought the You Are My Sunshine sign. My grandfather used to sing this to me, so I just had to have that sign! Xxx

  31. Oh dear, all although I live by my thrift mantra, I have a list!
    Magazines (much to my husbands despair as I take forever to recycle them).
    Photo Frames

  32. Oooh I am loving the idea of using clubcard vouchers for magazine subscriptions, I never seem to end up spending mine then lose them. 12 years is impressive, bet the old ones are great to look at now!
    Thank-you for your comment on my blog - I don't think I quite realised how unusual 11lbs is!
    Nelly xx


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