Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Mama, don't take my Kodachrome away ...

This week, there's been lots going on at Thriftwood, and feel that I've neglected blogland a bit, so just to get you up to scratch, Jacob and his girlfriend, Jules, are home at the moment, but going back to Leeds tomorrow after their travels around Europe.  They were on the way home (to us) on Wednesday evening, and in between the bus station and train station at Preston, poor Jules fell and broke her wrist.  Badly..  She needed an operation and was in hospital for three days, but is recovering now.  It's lovely to have them here, and for longer than they were originally staying, just wish it was under different circumstances.

Every cloud has a silver lining though, and Jacob has spent some time teaching me about Instagram.  I am a complete technophobe, but have enjoyed fiddling around with images and creating different moods for each one.  Please bear with me, and humour me, all you computer whizzes out there! I've just managed, without help, to download my Instagram images from my ipad to the main pc ... a big achievement for me, but seem to have done something weird to my desktop, so this post may not even happen!

Anyway, let's get on! On Saturday when I got back from the hospital in Preston, two parcels were waiting for me.  I opened the big one first, and was delighted to find my Giveaway prize from the lovely mumofalltrades ... her lovely, handmade, Autumn bunting.  I've hung it on the wall above my fireplace in the back room, and Instagrammed it for you to see ...

The next parcel contained these two lovely, handmade, poppy brooches for Remembrance Day, which I ordered from vintage vicki.  They are really lovely, and all proceeds are going to the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal.  Me and Millie will certainly be wearing our poppies with pride this year!  Thank you, lovely ladies, your parcels made my day!

Just thought I'd share a few more of my Instagrammed pics with you ...

Ruby, in younger days and before we got our French windows!

Love the colours and textures of the wood in the one above ...

Ruby, looking angelic ...

And my favourite corner!

I'd just like to thank everyone for their lovely comments on my past two posts, where I shared tips on housework and other random things, and have even been surprised to see my name pop up on other blogs, where people have mentioned that they are using my 2 hour timer tip to sort their housework out!

This post doesn't feel as though it's flowed as well as others, feel a bit of bloggers block coming on, so I'll leave you there, but not before I've given a huge welcome to all my lovely new followers!

Have a lovely week!

Love, Claire xxx

PS: I don't know why there is a link to the words 'cloud' and 'prize' ... I certainly didn't link them to anything! Does anyone know how to stop this happening? xxx


  1. Hello Claire
    Sorry to hear about Jules wrist hope she is not in to much pain little gifts are fabulous I love the colours used in the bunting, it looks as if it was made for your room it sits so well, and the poppies are such a clever idea
    Hope you have a lovely week and thank you so much as always for your sweet words
    Thea x

  2. Ooh how special are those 'Poppies', just lovely Mrs...
    Love the autumn leaves garland too. lucky you!
    You have had a lot going on Claire, so take care.
    I am doing cover today in the shop, so will speak soon....
    love Maria x

  3. Yay, for mastering technical stuff! I am pants at it all as well. I am daily baffled by my life online sometimes. I only have a basic phone and no i pad so the whole instagram thingy is passing me by at the moment!

    Aww your dog is so cute. Hope you Son's girlfriend wrist heals well. Ouch. And what lovely parcels you have received this week, the bunting has such lovely colours.

    P x

  4. Oh dear, hope Jules wrist heals soon, though nice to have a longer visit, not the best reason :( The bunting looks lovely, I love the effect of your instagram photos, but as a bit of a technophobe myself, I have no idea what it's all about!! xx

  5. Love the poppies and the bunting. I keep meaning to join Instagram but just can't face trying to master something else! M x

  6. You're an Instagram natural! The bunting is lovely - I have a woolly poppy which will also be worn with pride.

    Anna. x

  7. Oh dear poor Jooles, hope she makes a speedy recovery! Loving those poppies, am in the midst of crocheting a few myself :)
    Victoria xx

  8. Hello Claire, hope Jules is on the mend, must of been very sore :-(

    I dont have an iphone or Pad, I have a pod but usually call it a pad! much to my daughters annoyance...most things I do on the computer I either battle away and learn my self through bloody mindedness and not giving in, they can be very frustrating, or I call Tommy!! :-) hope you have a good week
    Love Sophie xx

  9. Love the Instagram look, quite different isn't it and vintagey, which is lovely. Technophobe here as well, there are a lot of us about!

  10. Lovely instagrammed photos ... and your crochet garland is gorgeous ... sorry to hear about the broken wrist ... it must be painful ... hope it mends soon ... and enjoy the extra time with Jacob and Jules ... no idea about the links ... sorry ... have a lovely week ... Bee xx

  11. J'espere que Jule va milleux !!!
    Jolie photos!! :0)
    Bonne semaine!!
    xxx Maria xxx

  12. Hope jules recover soon, love what you've done to your picture! Ada :)

  13. Love your instagram pics! sadly I cant have it on the blackberry and not due an upgrade yet,grrr! I do love those poppies! xx

  14. Instagram is very addictive, all the pictures look fantastic with it. So glad to see the bunting in place, you have such a lovely, warm home.

  15. The pics are lovely.Have to agree with Gena too about the poppies.Very clever idea and I would imagine quite easy to do, I might do a variation on that theme myself.

  16. Hope Jules is feeling much better soon. My son found it very frustrating when he broke his arm, difficult playing the guitar with one arm. Your bunting and poppies look lovely and well done on getting to grips with instagram. Your photos look fab. Have a lovely week.
    Ali x

  17. You instagram photo's look great Claire. Happy to hear Jules is on the mend!

    Madelief x

  18. Great instagram photo' the photo's of Ruby (she is just the cutest!). It took me awhile to get my head around instagram, I am glad I did though :)
    The Autumn bunting looks lovely in your house and those poppies are really pretty..
    Poor Jules..I hope she is starting to feel better.
    Magie x

  19. Hello,
    Thanks for your lovely comments. I also think it is the judginess that gets on my nerves. One of the mai reasons people seem to dislike the people opposite us is that their house is a mess! There are worse crimes!
    Thanks for saying you like my photos. I always think they are a bit rubbishy as i have a basic camera.
    i am looing forward to finding you on instagram woo hoo! What is your name on it? I love your cup and table pic, it loos so cosy! Ruby is gorgeous, what a little diamond! I also love the chair with the gorgeous cute cushions, sigh.
    I am also a technophobe. Roman did the instagram palava for me. Not sure how I will be putting pics there. He may have to help me.
    I always like your blog posts. I think this one flowed fine. You always sound friendly. Hope Jules is ok. xxx

  20. Such lovely giveaways, you lucky thing! Blog giveaways are the best thing EVER, i think. I don't have instagram (more's the pity) but often use picmonkey to give a nice feel to photos in the same way that instagram does. It's very addictive!

    Gillian x

    ps Get well soon to Jules.

  21. I just love that Simon and Garfunkel song!
    I have yet to join the bandwagon of instagram
    Sure does sound like a lot going on around your place
    Hope all works out and recovery goes well.

  22. Oh poor Jules, that sounds painful.
    I salute you for having 5 kids, I really do. Is it easier than it sounds??!
    I don't have Instagram, I seem to be the only person in the world who doesn't. Lots of people are using it instead of blogging which makes me a bit sad.
    Take care.
    Gem x x

  23. Hope Jules feels better soon...sounds painful !
    Love the little poppies, what a great idea...and as for all things technological.....I am totally lost...I mean we have 4 controls for the TV and stuff and that is 3 too many for me !! I like things to be as simple as poss !! So I think you have done amazing to sort out your instagram...well done you ! Have a nice weekend...Gail x

  24. Stitches and Seeds has left a new comment on your post "Listen ... do you want to know a secret?":

    Hi Just found your blog and I am totally inspired by your approach to housework. And I love the bedding tip - Don't know why I never thought of that before!


  25. I deleted the above comment from my comments moderation thingy by mistake ... Have just cut and pasted it incase Eleanor is wondering why it hasn't been published. Sorry! Xx

  26. Hi Claire...Best wishes to Jules for a quick recovery!..Love your pics (I still have yet to find out about Instagram!)and the poppyies are so pretty,
    Happy New Week,
    Susan x


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