Saturday, 25 February 2012

Let's go for a walk ...

Ruby, champing at the bit, showing off in her new Cath Kidston collar and lead

500 yard walk up the road, with my husband and Ruby, past the salt marsh on one side, and football fields on the other

to the beach ...

 and the sea ...

We are so lucky to live a few minutes away from this. Even on a cold grey day, I love the way the blues, greys, browns and blacks blend together, and change depending on the weather

Wonder how long those hearts have been there?

Even though the day was dull, we could still make out the outline of Blackpool Tower, seventy miles away, but my camera not sharp enough to catch the image.

We walk along the beach for about a mile, and then turn down a lane, where the fields usually have cows, horses and sheep, but none seem to be playing out today ...

Past the Riding school, where there are already signs of Spring ...

Then we get to the village, and the pub where we had our wedding reception, all those years ago. It was a very popular place when we married, but when the landlord moved, never seemed to get on its feet again, however, a couple of years ago it was bought again and is currently being renovated, and is an essential part of the village and larger community.

Down a country lane with fields on one side

and the saltmarsh on the other side, hidden by hedgerows that have been petrified into weird and wonderful shapes by the sea gales

Usually, when we do this walk, we see curlews, pheasants, herons and on one very rare occasion a fox ... but unfortunately, today the wildlife seems a bit camera shy, probably as soon as we've gone past they're all coming out from their lairs and performing, like the pandas on the Kit-Kat advert in the Nineties!

Spot the rabbit (you'll need very good eyesight)

More signs of spring, green buds slowly unfurling ...

Daffodils in the wild;

and gorse which has stayed in flower all through the bleak, cold winter, but is now springing to life with new growth.

One man and his dog;

past the caravan site,

Mr Mole's been busy,

we're on the last lap now,  the first houses are coming into view, and then back onto our road, past the open saltmarsh, (that's the village we visited on the horizon),

and back home, to mugs of tea and bacon sandwiches.

Thanks so much for joining me, and hope you all have a wonderful weekend xxx


  1. Perfect day for a walk and lovely to finally see the daffodils flowering ! Gail x

  2. Hi Gail! I know, it was early in the morning, so a bit dull, but I like it best then, when no-one's around, and you don't have to keep moving out of the way of cars ... only horses

  3. What a lovly start to your day Claire...Ruby did look raring to gooo...xxxxx If you open your eyes and truly look around their is magic every where.....Its captured on your camera my dear!!

  4. Hi Claire, remember walking here myself when we lived in G.o.S. Ruby reminds me of our dog, always ready to be off, then first in when we get back. Julie xxx

  5. Hi Julie, fancy you once living so near ... have walked on Grange prom many a time ... and my children had their prom at the Netherwood! Small world, isn't it? I have visited Dorset, about 4 years ago ... my friend lives in Bournemouth, but took us on sightseeing trips all over Dorset ... very lovely! xx

    1. Hi Claire, my daughter also had her prom at the Netherwood, from Cartmel Priory School. Julie xxx


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